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By Roger Gitlin – EYE ON DEL NORTE – September 29, 2021

WHEN is the City going to do SOMETHING about that disgusting dump on 200 North A St, in the very heart of one of this most iconic, and visible areas in Del Norte County?

Day after Week after Month after Year…after Year..after Year, for almost a decade this rat- infested, poorly- maintained, urine-reeking trash-strewn property sits adjacent to the Ocean Front Lodge overlooking the magnificent Pacific Ocean.

For those of you who steadfastly and continually defend the City for its constant excuses and feeble delays in enforcing City code, subjecting the neighborhood and visitors to our community the most nasty of sites, HOW CAN YOU justify turning your attention away from those who can, but won’t raze this building and lien the property owner?

The Public is told to be patient. Be patient? How much longer should we wait? Another month, year or two…three…four. Supposedly, the former Seaside Hospital is in escrow? Really? I harbor a healthy dose of skepticism about any impending transactional change of ownership.

City credibility is losing its luster on dispersing any encouraging news on this blemish.

Attention, Crescent City Councilors Isaiah Wright, Beau Smith, Ray Altman, Mayor Pro Tem Blake Inscore, Mayor Jason Greenough and City Manager Eric Wier:


The Community demands action, NOW!!

One thought on “Tear Down the Dump”
  1. That building has been vacant since 2007 when the Open Door Clinic moved to their present facility on Washington lvd. It is ironic, to say the least, that this vacant building has two signs stating “Vision” posted on the exterior walls.

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