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During Tuesdays, May 15th BOS meeting, after presentations by Dr. Greg Duncan and Dr. Kevin Caldwell regarding the regionalization issue facing the County, tears flowed from Supervisor McClure. Both doctors expressed their dissatisfaction from the lack of communication they had received from Supervisor McClure regarding the Study that was being conducted by Sutter Health Affilliates and keeping the Doctor’s out of the loop.

Supervisor McClure expressed she had been diligently working on this matter for months and knew as well as understood the in’s and out’s regarding the regionalization situation facing the county. Ms. McClure’s intentions were good, but due to her lack of communication between the parties, a sense of trust was lost. Both Doctors requested that she no longer continue on the board in connection to this study and emphasized that Sutter Health was not our friend and not to be trusted. Ms. McClure did try to win the doctor’s over by reading the letters she had received by email and exposing everything that had been occurring between her and Sutter Health, but it did not gain the confidence from the Doctors.

At the end of the agenda item, Ms. McClure voluntarily stepped down from the Sutter Coast Hospital issue and the matter would be discussed at a future Board of Supervisor’s meeting.

Supervisors Hemmingsen, Sullivan and Finnigan expressed and recognized appreciation for the hours Ms. McClure had spent with due diligence to the issue at hand. Supervisor McClure does practice due diligence and has a sharp mind, it is unfortunate that something could not have been worked out to benefit everyone involved.

  1. I am sure I only had the tip of the iceberg when I wrote the article, with that said, I wrote an article based upon the limited knowledge presented at the meeting, thus remained unbiased and wrote what was available. You on the other hand have much more information than I do, and I appreciate your insight. Linda

  2. Lost behind the crocodile tears and self-serving interests of Supervisor McClure is the overriding issue of the future of Sutter Coast Hospital. The now non-local Hospital Administration is resolute in downsizing Sutter Coast to Critical Access. That should put real tears and real fear in everyone’s eyes. Supervisor McClure is unhelpful when she states to the front line medical professionals at Sutter Coast that she cannot believe this Multi million dollar medical concern would risk it’s reputation in misleading the public.

    Well, I can believe that. And a lot more.

    I say to colleagues on the Board, put your personal issues aside and let’s pull together to universally oppose the move toward regionalization and critical access status.

    Roger Gitlin, Supervisor
    District 1 Del Norte county

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