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By Guest Columnist, Michael Ceremello, December 11, 2019

I was reading the news online and it seems Lisa Page is suing the FBI and Department of Justice for making her texts and emails public. It seems Dems have little conscience and even less knowledge of how the Freedom of Information Act works. Much as it is with the California Public Records Act, cell phone records and any documents produced while doing your job are all public record.

I wonder where John Garamendi stands on this and the impeachment proceedings. I am waiting for John to have a town hall meeting in Dixon. John doesn’t impress me as being an intellectual so I can understand why he is running from his constituents.

Lisa had to get therapy because the Donald “mocked” her for her extra-marital affair with Peter Strzok and conspiring to remove a duly elected president by way of an internal coup in the form of the “Russia collusion hoax”. How is that any problem of the American people? How is she a “victim”? No self responsibility and no personal accountability seem to be the hallmark of the Deep State.

I need to divorce myself from my libertarian principles. Considering how long it is taking to bring the big names to justice, I would be dead long before serving jail time.

I would have a lot more fun too …
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The impeachment process, as muddled, illegal, and contrived as it is, demonstrates quite well how the Deep State and their mass media arm function. It has become extremely apparent that the fringe far Left now controls the Democrat party and they have nothing to offer other than free stuff for which the productive in our society will have to pay.

I am torn between “move along, there is nothing to see here” and “we are not the Jedi you are looking for”. Exactly how stupid do politicians believe the public is? This comes with the political aristocracy I have written about for years. Simply because some idiot, (sorry Joe Biden), has been in office for years and has a recognizable name, he is somehow qualified to tell the rest of us how to live?

Every time a Democrat gets caught, they attempt to reverse the allegation and put it on their opponents. How exactly is it criminal for the president to ask another country’s leader to get to the bottom of what went on in the Ukraine during the 2016 election? Would it have made a wit’s difference if Trump had left out the reference to the Bidens? If sleepy Joe wasn’t so stupid as to make a video bragging about getting a prosecutor fired by the threat of withholding aid, he might have gotten away with it. But Trump is the bad guy for wanting the truth.

While many of you love the old shrew Hillary Rotten Clinton, she is another one who should be behind bars and should have been indicted when Comey outlined all of the violations of which she was guilty. This is all old news. So what is anyone going to do about it?

Does it occur peculiar to you that there are still so many holdovers from the Obama administration entrenched in oversight agencies, the same agencies who see no evidence of “political bias”? How in the world does the Investigator General Horowitz think he can con us into believing that when there is or was a known coup cabal of Trump haters in the FBI who have been exposed?

Obviously we are witnessing the death gurgle of the corrupt bureaucrats who defend each other and their entitlements. Now you know exactly what we would have learned if Hillary had won the election. Everything would have been swept under the carpet. All protests to the contrary would be labeled “conspiracy theories”.

Now we are waiting for the criminal investigation being done by Attorney General, William Barr and John H. Durham, a federal prosecutor. I must say I am a little disappointed we will have to wait until the spring or early summer before they present their findings. I am not surprised the NY Slimes and the Washington Compost have attempted to discredit Barr as simply a Trump defender.

No matter what new findings are exposed, we already have a plethora of illegal activity which needs to be prosecuted. This is where the rubber will meet the road. I want to see indictments and trials. As long as trials aren’t held in front of Obama’s judges, who have already proven they don’t understand or care for the Constitution (which they took an oath to defend), justice may finally be served.

Again I must question foreign interference in elections. If it is so horrible, why isn’t Obama being indicted for his attempt to oust Benjamin Netanyahu? I will repeat my stance again. If it is only information being disseminated, I don’t care from where it comes. So what if Russian trolls were putting out conflicting stories designed to roil support for candidates? I certainly don’t believe the liberal media and I don’t make decisions from reading internet blogs.

If election law prevents foreign countries from making political contributions, then that is the law. I have yet to hear anyone making that type of interference claim.

This impeachment on abuse of power holds no water. If the crook needing investigation is a political opponent, blame that on the person unless the accusation is as contrived as this impeachment has been against Trump.

We are all being played for fools. This is a distraction. There is an obvious reason for all of it. The Democrats as a whole have nothing to offer, nothing leading toward freedom, and no clue how to “Make America Great Again”.

Maybe that is because they all hate America and its vast potential? …

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  1. Another great article by Michael Ceremello Ex Mayor of Dixon California especially the part about the Resident Crook Hillary Clinton! How in the Hell has she gotten away with her activities for so any years without being prosecuted? The Democratic Party is a group of Criminals living off the Taxpayers Money. When are the American people going to wake up and start investigating these folks and start putting them where they belong….in PRISON!

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