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From Roger Gitlin Facebook Posting, May 24, 2018 –

Del Norte County Measure A, Term Limits for County supervisors.

Mistruths, Myths and Misleading information on Term Limits pushed from the radical Left:

I caught a political ad on local radio recently accusing me ( and Supervisor¬†Bob Berkowitz) of trying to pull a fast one on the public by promoting Measure A for self-serving purposes. “Gitlin and Bob Berkowitz have exempted themselves from term limits as incumbents who are not subject to the Measure, WHEN IT PASSES.” That’s news to me. It was my intention that ALL the incumbents would start their clocks when and if each are re-elected. That’s not the way it was interpreted by impartial counsel.

ALLOW ME TO DECLARE I will not serve past the THREE term limit. I am 71 and I am on record with that declaration.

The bigger question needs to be addressed which the radical Left who paid for the ads, conveniently neglects to mention: 3rd District Supervisor Chris Howard, up for election June 5 and 2nd District Supervisor Lori Cowan, not up for election until 2020, are EXEMPT from Term Limits, totally. Both Howard, 47, and Cowan, 53, could keep running well past three terms. 4th District Supervisor Gerry Hemmingsen, 65, seeks his 4th term, June 5. And 5th District Supervisor Berkowitz is a spry senior citizen and hardly a threat to serve until the new by- pass around Last Chance Grade is dedicated somewhere between 2031-2039.

Don’t be fooled by the misrepresentations of radicals like Kevin Hendrick who paid for this nonsense.

Vote YES on Measure A.

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2 thoughts on “Term Limits for County Supervisors, Ballot Measure A”
  1. Maybe roger gitlin would like to explain how the meaning of the measure was misinterpreted by council? And if the measure is incorrect, shouldnt he have pulled it ? Instead he is pushing the measure that he says ,wrongfully self serving himself and . The biggest question is ,what are the mistruths,myths and misleading information he is talking about? And why does he continue with the divisive rhetoric about left wing radicals?

  2. Truth does not suit Mr Gitlin. Be an honest person Mr Gitlin. Stop vailing the truth. Term limits equally apply to all of you (no term limits) and since you went to the hospital, you have loosened up with your hold on the truth, or maybe that was always that way. How about two terms, I think that is what you originally pledged.

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