Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

I was born and raised in Del Norte County. I learned my work ethic from my mom and dad Ace and Jan Hartwick. They always told me “if you work hard enough it will happen”. I have taken this with me throughout my life. I have two amazing daughters that live locally. I hope to make changes in Del Norte County that will impact their lives and my grandchildren’s quality of life..

I am currently the Assistant Director of the Yurok Economic Development Corporation. I am running for the 5th District for Board of Supervisors. Not only do I carry with me my experience as a past local motel owner, restaurant manager and the past 6 years as the Economic Development Assistant Director of the Yurok Tribe but I have also held various volunteer positions within Del Norte County also:

  • Project Finance Manager and Fundraising Chairman for the building of the Del Norte Senior Center and the Board of Directors – 4 years
  • Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors – 8 years
  • Economic Development Committee, Marketing & Tourism Committee chairman – 8 years
  • Treasurer of the Chamber of Commerce – 4 years
  • Founder and President of Hotel Motel Association – 4 years
  • Del Norte High School Drill Team Coach- 30 years
  • Jaycees basketball committee 33 years and cheer competition coordinator -17 years

Del Norte County’s Economic Development has been stagnant for years. I feel I can bring together the County and the local Tribes to start working together on projects. I will be working diligently on last chance grade, critical care hospital and Economic Development.

Please vote for me for 5th District Supervisor this coming June

Thank you for your consideration

One thought on “Terri Colton Candidate Statement 5th District”
  1. It appears there would be a conflict of interest if you were to win this election. The conflict would arise from your Economic Development department. You would have to recluse yourself with anything involving the Tribe because you would have a special interest. Although your implied intentions maybe good, unfortunately, you would lack the time to do the necessary work as a supervisor.Currently you work full time with the Klamath Casino, restaurant, and hotel AND in economic development as well. Furthermore, the Tribe has endorsed you. It sounds pretty suspicious. However, your resume is outstanding, but, just because someone has an impressive resume does not mean they will perform that way.

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