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Prayers for Paris Nov 13, '15

Credit to Fox News France and Christian Science Monitor

Paris, France – ISIS Claims Responsibility for Terrorist Attacks

132 dead including one American, Nohemi Gonzalez of El Monte, California, who was spending the semester at the Strate College of Design, was eating at a Paris restaurant and shot and killed.

350 hospitalized.

Eight Terrorists, wearing suicide belts and wielding AK-47’s in a coordinated attack. Some walking down streets and shooting into restaurants right through the glass. One dead shooter had a Syrian passport on him. The Bataclan concert hall held 1500 people to a sold out crowd that came to enjoy the California band, Eagles of Death Metal.

American citizens are among the injured. The US State Department is working closely with the French to establish the whereabouts of 70 US citizens.

French President Francois Hollande called for a national day of mourning. All significant public cultural sites are closed including the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, as well as Disneyland Paris.

French police believe all of the attackers are dead but are now searching for accomplices.

Survivors of the attacks recall hearing the shooters shout, “Allahu Akbar'”.

President Hollande joined 80,000 to watch a friendly soccer game between France and Germany until bombs exploded. The President was rushed out after the first explosion.

People around Paris opened their homes and businesses as shelter. Taxi drivers drove people free or half price to help.

With six coordinated assaults, last night marked the most violent night in France since World War II.

In the meantime, yesterday, the US took in 10,000 Syrian refugees.  They arrived in New Orleans and are scheduled to travel and resettle in 180 communities throughout the United States. Most are males between the ages of 18 to 45.

Let’s hope our government scrutinized those refugees with a fine tooth comb.



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