Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

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Click on the link and watch Mr.  Michael Guss, former Economic Development and Grant Manager as he relates what it’s like to be a whistleblower.   He exposed the fraud and helped to get  Carissa Carpenter indicted.  She swooped into Dixon with a $2.8 billion movie studio proposal.  Guss did his homework and exposed her as a fraud.  What did the city council do?  They fell over each other trying to firm up the deal.  Now the files have gone missing.

He lost his job, suffered mental problems and family problems but was brave enough to do the right thing. And that’s what happens to whistleblowers in towns that are corrupt, like Dixon and like Crescent City and Del Norte County.

Interesting how the video that everyone knows exists, the raid on Dave Egan of the BlackHawk Pistol story has never been provided to us on a public records request. Has that disappeared or been destroyed? Requests were made to the DA’s office, Sheriff Dean Wilson and County Counsel, Gretchen Stuhr.

Interesting how the reports requested for the August 19, 2014 meeting with Eric Wier, Public Utilities Manager, on the expansion component of the wastewater treatment plant were destroyed. Why is that?

Interesting to learn that destruction of documents is a felony.






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