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By Samuel Strait – September 14, 2020

When I returned from vacation in early March 2020, I was greeted with
the hysterical refrain from nearly every news outfit that the end of the
world was upon us. At the end of that month, we were told that if we
only followed the edicts of various state and local governments that in
fifteen days we would flatten the curve and our medical facilities would
not be over run. Before the edicts even took hold on the US population
we were told by most media and our state and local governments that
millions would die and the world as we knew it would change to a mask
wearing, antisocial distancing, and hermit like existence for all. For
months we were told to obey as hospitalizations and deaths declined in
numbers as clear evidence that maybe the story we had been told was not
what it really was. We spent much of the summer of 2020 in a quasi
state of “we are following the science, and the numbers show us another
wave is coming”.

Fall is here and the second wave never materialized. Now, we continue
to be a mask wearing, antisocial distancing, hermit like society,
because the second second wave is still coming and the deaths are to be
in the millions once again. In all this time I have not once heard
about the “science” that is driving all this fear mongering only
“numbers”. It is as if they somehow explain why we are staying at home
when real science has disputed such behavior, maske wearing when
multiple studies have shown this practice is actually detrimental to
your health without proper training, and antisocial distancing which has
no scientific basis what so ever.

Perhaps it might just be time to take a hard look at “the numbers”
rather than science that seem to guide every edict that governors,
particularly those on the west coast, are using to justify our current
state of dysfunction. As with most people in the US, it is quite easy
to get caught up in the hysterical numbers about Covid-19 and fall into
a lemming like state of subservience, ignoring the clear inconsistencies
that crop up in the reporting of such numbers. A recent example of
those inconsistencies is a report out of the ever reliable CDC now
telling us they can only confirm about six percent of the reported
198,848(as of 9/14/2020) deaths as that of from Covid-19. A full 90%
of those infected are at nearly zero risk of transmitting the virus to
others from a New York Times article. And finally, only about 2% of the
US population has been tested positive for the virus.

Okay, it doesn’t sound quite as bad as it has been made to seem by our
ever reliable media. We in the US spend about one billion dollars per
day on testing for Covid-19. Must be pretty nice for all those people
with stock in “Testing Companies”. There is clear evidence that testing
has not been exactly all that reliable. If certain questions were posed
based on an alarming number of reported infections, how certain would
the “numbers” used by our current state dictators to enact policies
such as we currently are experiencing fare? Questions like:

“How many of the current tests are from people that have been tested
positive multiple times?”

“How many false positives continue to be listed as confirmed Covid-19

“How many people that have not been tested, yet are informed they
have been tested are included in the confirmed cases numbers?”

“How many people have been included as positive cases due to
bureaucratic error?”

I do not think that there is any question that a significant number of
cases, particularly here in the US, that are represented in the CDC/John
Hopkins numbers are not actual numbers that should be counted. When we
subtract those numbers from the totals claimed, how much sense does it
make for Governor Newsom to be basing his actions purely on compromised
numbers of Covid-19 cases? Unfortunately for Governor Newsom the
troubles for using Covid-19 infections based on testing do not end there.

Indications are that most testing is based on discovery of corona
antibodies in the subject’s sample. It also has been revealed that the
most common test used, manipulates the numbers of commonly found
antibodies by up to 1000 times in order to get a positive result.

And the hits keep coming. It seems, it also has been reported that
Covid-19 antibodies cannot be distinguished from other corona antibodies
such as the common cold, another corona virus. The CDC has confirmed
that a record low in common cold infections since the CDC began keeping
track of such infections occurred between October 2019 and March of
2020. Should that also be factored into the “numbers” being used to
lockdown, face mask, and social distance us all?

I don’t know the answers to these questions, but it seems that there is
a whole lot more going on than “health and safety”. Perhaps it is past
time for these and other questions to be asked? Maybe someone from the
“end of the world” crowd might step up and enlighten us all. Just some
thoughts on “real” numbers.

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