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Commentary and Opinion by Samuel Strait – March 7, 2024

On Tuesday the 5th of March, the Del Norte County Board Of Supervisor’s
met mostly to correct a bureaucratic error in the attempt to rehire the
former Chief District Attorney’s investigator.  While it was never made
exactly clear, “Why” such an event was absolutely necessary when the
regular meeting of the Board was but a week away, such was the case.  In
attendance were two members of the public neither of which were
completely clear as to the “Why”, and the necessity of meeting at 1:00
pm, not a typical time for BOS meetings.  That explanation and the cost
for the meeting were not clearly explained and the public was left
wondering what had transpired.  Hopefully an important “Closed Session”
of the Board made this particular meeting a justifiable expense.

The public quite often feels as though there are a number of events that
occur out of the view of the public and the “Special Session” did
nothing to dispute that impression.  The Consent Agenda, indifference to
common issues offered in the Public’s Comment session, the recent taxing
policies established in the County, and the general tone deafness of the
Board towards their “solutions” that seem to increase the number of
negative impacts on the County’s residents.  The reconstitution of the
Tri Agency and their obsession with Off Shore Wind Power, when both the
City and the County have their own elements tasked with “Economic
Development clearly seems redundant and not cost effective.  The effort
to address homelessness through a non profit on County property requires
much more than “We have to do something” and “It will give us the tools
to address encampments” justifications that leave much to be desired.

While the County’s “Special Session” itself, does not warrant much in
the way of further comment, it is important to let the population of the
County know what it is their elected are up to as we may be faced with
the same Club going forward.

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