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Commentary and Opinion by Samuel Strait – June 14, 2024

No, I am not talking about the thirty five minute train wreck that the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors held on the morning of June 11th, but during the later meeting held at the Veteran’s hall at 5:00 pm something happened that actually might be beneficial to the County’s residents.  Small wonder.  Before we get to the good part, a quick pass through the regular Board meeting that was held in the Board Room at 10:00 am is in order.

The return of our illustrious Chairman of the Board post vacation, “Strategic Plan” Dean Wilson moved quickly through the Opening Ceremonies, then logged in two new employees, one from Health and Human Services, naturally.  Six or seven in the last few meetings, then quickly on to Board reports (When someone is actually there to hear them).  Supervisor “the government needs to be involved in everything, Starkey gave her riveting summary of activities over the past few weeks, followed by Supervisor “traveling man” Howard who managed to stay in the County for once, then Supervisor “am I in the right room?” Short, the “silent one” Supervisor Borges, and the grand finale authored by Chair “strategic plan”, Dean Wilson.

The Consent Agenda, like the meeting, was a relatively short version of only eleven items.  The usual, Department of Health and Human Services with five items on their wish list, something for the Public Defender’s Office, more money spent for the Homeless on Williams Drive (also known as that independent operation that the County has no connection to and; therefore, is immune from any lawsuit should anything go wrong), a new heating system for Probation, and to wrap it up with a continuing ” emergency situation declaration” so the County might continue to bilk the taxpayers for more money.

On to Public Comment, which consisted of a further plea for justice from the Supervisors for Tamara Sanders by her mother where we were assured that Supervisors Short and Starkey had discussed the issue with Sheriff Scott and there was “Nothing to see here folks”.  Not much transparency of adequate explanation there.  After all, there is nothing suspicious here folks.

General Business consisted of a couple of new ordinances and a quick 5-0 vote.  Nothing like consistency.  $640,000 spent for a new technology system for IT (maybe replace have the County employees with it), and a new trailer for Building Maintenance to the tune $16 grand.  Must be nice.

Into the final stretch with Legislative and Budget issues.  Gotta keep Sacramento on the strait and narrow.  The Del Norte Solid Waste Authorities Budget review and signed off on for next year.  No discussion and another 5-0 vote. Wrapping it up with a look at funding problems for some DHHS programs, such a shame, followed by a plea in a letter to Sacramento to open up its wallet.  Can’t possibly get by on the $125 million currently in DHHS’s grift of the taxpayer.

And there you have it. for the morning session.  On to the evening’s two hour seventeen minute extravaganza.

The June 11th meeting of the complete, sort of, Boards, the City, the County, and the Harbor to determine the fate of the Tri Agency was the topic.  Only twelve of the fifteen members to determine if there was any way to “save” the agency from renewed extinction were present.  While much of the conversation consisted of the inclusion or not of “Off shore wind”, the three Boards could not reach an agreement.  Much moaning over Economic development which clearly consisted of taxpayer funded “government fostered projects”  that could be had if only the Tri Agency were allowed to continue.  Wind power off shore was coming guaranteed by several members, and a seat at the table was essential.  The Tri Agency was claimed by some to be the “Only” vehicle to carry it forward.  Ultimately, it wasn’t enough and the Tri Agency went down in flames with both the Harbor and the City dragging their feet.  Lots of claims made about lack of joining together for the “good” of all, and gnashing of teeth over failure.  Two hours plus of vapid reasoning to Save Tri Agency and ten minutes to dissolve it.  Rest in Peace Tri Agency.  Right where you belong.

One thought on “The 5-0 Club: Accidentally Does Something Right”
  1. Holding my breath I watched it on YouTube. Then I realized I only had to watch the last 10 minutes. Sounds like it will cost us about $15,000 or less to dissolve it. Sure glad my Property Tax donation is being spent wisely–sarcasm. But glad they’re going to dissolve it. Thank you for the ones that knew about this meeting and attended and spoke up.

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