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Commentary and Opinion by Samuel Strait – May 14, 2024

As it was, I was basking in the warmth of the South Pacific when the latest
train wreck, optimistically referred to as the April 23, 2024 meeting of
the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors, where even in Niue I able to
watch the fumble and stumble of our local “brain trust”.  More new
warriors in defense of the “vulnerable” for Health and Human Services (DHHS),
as the number of the “vulnerable” continues to climb unabated along with
the breadth and scope of DHHS.  Thankfully opening ceremonies go without
a hitch.  Then on to the usual preening and fluffing with Board member’s
reports, Supervisor Starkey’s one woman government traveling show,
Supervisor Howard’s actual traveling show, Supervisor Borges’s silent
show, Supervisor Short’s am I here on the right day show, and finally
Mr. Strategic Plan himself Supervisor Wilson.

On to the Consent Agenda where DHHS has a mere 7 out of 13 items to
entertain the Board with this time around.  You mean there is some other
department in the County’s organizational chart?  Couple of raises for
County employees.  Must keep the troops happy after all.  A permission
to burn down a County owned building.  Must keep Supervisor Short
happy.  Then the auditor chips in an item along with probation and we
are off to a quick 5-0 start.  Moving on with Public Comment, and a
trifecta of reports, Frontier, on fiber optic connectivity progress, the
Visitor’s Bureau with lots of cheer leading, and the Treasurer’s Report
about how flush the County is at the moment.  And on we go to General
Government, at least what isn’t on the Consent Agenda.

A bridge replacement project in conflict according to the County
Engineer, then Mr. Wilson goes to war strategic plan.  Which on
review seems rather ambitious and one wonders how the community gets
anything out of it.  Government looking pretty good if the “Plan” goes
forward.  5-0 in any case, even with the slight disagreement over
“Vacation Rentals”.  What a missed opportunity for another Starkey
Ordinance?  A swing and a miss on a “New” County administrator, with
Item #20 pulled from consideration. Just think, the County’s residents
will be devastated without a “Human Resources and Risk Management
Director” for the foreseeable future.  Maybe something for the next
Board meeting, a high dollar administrator that Mr. Lopez has to find
something for the new director to do.  The final item is to appoint a
new representative to represent the County on the Juvenile Justice
Coordinating Council (where do they come up with these names) and of
course it is none other than Supervisor” “the government is the only
solution”, Valerie Starkey.  5-0 in case you were wondering.

First a bit of money laundering in the Budget transfers, then on to the
Director of DHHS complaining about  Child Welfare funding cuts, a letter
to support funding for Citizen’s Dock repair, an ask by the foundering
Harbor Commission, and finally the move to spend more tax payer money to
fund the Del Norte/Humboldt Film Commission in the amount of an
additional $15,000 per year.  The debate being whether or not to give
directly or through the Chamber of Commerce.


2 thoughts on “The 5-0 Club, And No, I Didn’t Forget”
  1. I believe at one time, 25% of the population claimed a disability of some sort. I am not certain what that means, physical or otherwise, but it was a troubling number at the time it was reported. Who knows what it might be now.

  2. I just ordered an item on-line. It was $84.95. They broke down tax: CA 6% $5.10, DN .25% $0.21, DN District 1% $0.85, DN Local 1% $0.85. That’s $1.91 for Del Norte, no wonder they have millions to blow on whatever. Also have you noticed the Handicap Stickers on all the vehicles around here. I don’t know the perecentage but there must be a lot of handicapped people here; No wonder DHHS needs so many personnel to tend them.

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