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Commentary and Opinion by Samuel Strait – January 6, 2024

It would appear that December 29th “Special Meeting” of the Board of
Supervisors was “special” indeed.   No Board reports, no general public
comment, just the “bare bones” of a meeting. Apparently, by calling it
“special” the Board can avoid all those “Walmart shoppers” wishing to
clog up their ability to get the tiresome business of the County over
and done with as fast as possible.  Mustn’t interfere with the holiday
cocktail hour in order to be some

how an actual representative of your
respective constituencies.  Can’t have government be unduly
inconvenienced by having to hear from those you purport to represent.

After an abbreviated Opening Ceremonies, our hapless Chair of the Board
plunged head long into another loaded Consent Agenda, six items, two
pulled for further discussion, 4-0.  Tabled was item #7 after some
concern over weapons in the County’s Parks.  More restrictions on
permitted Conceal Carry was labored over by members of the Board, much
of it failing in so many ways, but what is new.  Item #9 passed 4-0 was
a discussion of the recent increase of the minimum wage to $16.00 per
hour for a few of the County’s work force who will need a raise in order
to comply.  Not as though it wasn’t going to pass, but another example
of insanity at the State level.    Of course the usual threats by the
local SEIU president over what is to come in the Spring when the usual
wars over wages and benefits will occur.  Norma Williams, union
president, felt it necessary to stake out the union’s position well
before the other shoe drops on March 1st when the fast food industry
will be slammed by Sacramento’s insistence that without any measurable
improvement to the value of an employee to the company they are
automatically entitled to a boost in pay to $20 per hour.  Whoa Nellie! 
I will leave this insanity to be discussed in a future article, because
it is but the continuing of California’s slide into the destruction of
small business, more inflation, and an increase of unemployment in the
State.  A guaranteed trifecta of the decline of a once great State.

General government consisted of a change in the office of the County’s
Counsel, Joel Campbell-Blair out, Jacqueline Roberts in as of January 5,
2024.  No explanation given, the usual “sorry that you are leaving,
great job while you were here.”  Then on to the approval of a redundancy
contract to house juvenile offenders in Shasta County should Humboldt be
unable to accommodate. Continued lament by Supervisor Starkey over the
closure of the Hall and concern over construction of the agreement,
three Yeses, Starkey, No.

A couple of presentations by the County’s Assistant Administrative
Officer regarding future potential federal earmarks, money, for the
County.  Wishing he would learn how to enunciate while reporting so one
might actually understand what he is saying.   And finally a second wish
list fantasy of the County for the future, as well as “talk” of future
Strategic planning by the County such that little problems do not become
big expensive ones in the future.  Not a chance that anything meaningful
will come of this, but nice try.   Apparently the Veterans Hall second
floor is high on the list of future attention.

Over the past year of attending Board meetings, it have become clear
that this Board simply put, DOES NOT UNDERSTAND that when you represent
a constituency, that means tiny insignificant portions of that larger
constituency should not be the focus of governance.  The Board is there
to do the MOST good for a majority of who you “claim” to represent. 
Spending millions of dollars of taxpayer money to “Do Something” for 2%
of the overall population that does not contribute anything to the
overall welfare of the Community is NOT LEADERSHIP in any way.  This
Board has not the slightest idea of how to be functionally beneficial to
a majority of the population it is supposed to be serving.

2 thoughts on “The 5-0 Club, Sans Supervisor Howard…..Again”
  1. Thank you for this report, it is appreciated. The wage increase for fast food workers kicks in on April 1st, not March 1st. It will be interesting to know who is covered by this law. Only those employees who work for fast food restaurants or anyone who works serving “fast food” (deli workers at mini marts, food trucks, and fuel stations.)

    1. My profuse apologies j. I assumed when our “hair gelled” governor was polishing his tattered image in front of the TV lense, that when he said March, he meant March, but then he did say $22 per hour as well in his announcement. Keep in mind March sounds so much better than April, because it can be construed that he meant “the end of March” if he is called on it. I don’t know how he can turn $22 into $20 per hour.
      Are you saying “his lordship” may have not exactly been honest? He may have lied? Hummm, you have changed my entire perspective of the man, empty suit to bottom feeding politician.

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