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By Congressman Kevin Kiley – March 6, 2023

Last week I wrote a letter to the Governor of California, asking the state to make a request for federal assistance to help victims of the ongoing storms. The letter was not addressed to Gavin Newsom.

Instead, I had to send it to Acting Governor Eleni Kounalakis. Newsom had temporarily stepped down for a “personal” trip south of the border in Baja. He didn’t warn anyone we were switching governors in the middle of a crisis nor say when he’d be back.

Our first responders, by contrast, have been working tirelessly. And I’m grateful the National Guard promptly answered my request for help after I spoke with the Adjutant General. I am continuing to monitor the situation as I return to DC tomorrow morning.

It will be another eventful week. Last week, in Judiciary, we passed a much-needed Oversight Plan for the Biden Administration – but not before the House Minority tried to gut it and shield Biden from scrutiny. I spoke out against this attempt at dereliction, and we defeated it.

In addition, Red State has a new profile about our battle to stop the promotion of Newsom’s Labor Secretary: “Congressman Kevin Kiley Leads the Fight Against Biden’s Labor Nominee Julie Su.” Defeating Su will be a major blow to Newsom’s “model for the nation” delusions.

I’m also grateful to be appointed to the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime. We held a hearing last week on the fentanyl crisis, and I advocated for dealers to be prosecuted as murderers – as the DA is doing in Placer County.

Much more is coming this week. Stay tuned, and with extreme weather again in the forecast, stay safe.

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