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Commentary by Samuel Strait – May 31, 2023

I could be writing about the County and City misrepresenting what
Measure “R” and “S’ were to be used for when it was promised that no new
hires would be paid for with funding from either Measure. I could be
talking about Climate Change, gender dysphoria, solving the homeless
problem, or the obsession with social justice and racism, but  no, it is
the biggest scam perpetrated on the population of the United States, and
even the World in recent memory.  It is such a huge issue that two major
pharmaceutical corporations in the United States should be forced to
cease to exist.  That and the repercussions of the recent announcement
in the Open Forum Infectious Diseases should hold a vast array of
perpetrators of fraudulent information over the notion that the bivalent
Covid-19 vaccines protect against the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

In December 2022, pre-print research, prior to peer revue showed “that
more Covid-19 shots correlated to a greater risk of contracting
Covid-19″.   The original research was uploaded from the Cleveland
Clinic a highly regarded source in the Scientific community, but was
quickly dismissed by corporate media as “not being peer reviewed. 
Recently that other shoe dropped in the form of that peer review and the
conclusions HAVE NOT CHANGED. Confirmation from a wide variety of
sources conclude that the more mRNA shots that you are injected with,
the higher your risk for contracting Covid-19.

The data further indicates that there is no reason to believe that the
bivalent vaccines have a measurable affect in mitigating any of the
symptoms of the virus nor prevent death.  The only effect that the
vaccines may have had was a modest suppression of symptoms for the
original variation of Covid-19.   Since we already have come to terms
with the fact that the vaccines do not prevent infection by the virus,
and even with a single injection the chance of becoming infected is one
and a half times that of the unvaccinated,  It is time to hold both
those obsessed with getting the “JAB” and the pharmaceutical Companies
Pfizer and Moderna accountable for a fraud perpetrated on the World.
Further, corporate media, the Biden administration, Public Health,
Academia, the FDA, the Centers for Disease Control, and all the other
misfits that propagated the “Big Lie” should pay a heavy price for three
years of misinformation.

When you add to the effects of “The Big Lie” for the past three years of
economic turmoil and draconian mandates, to the growing concerns over
the list of negative health issues that have been associated with the
“vaccines”, the fury over being lied to by so many of our Country’s
government officials and the so called infectious disease “experts”,
should be immense.  At the very least, the legal protections shielding
Pfizer and Moderna should be revoked and anyone who spread the vaccine
lie should be opened up to being sued by anyone who subsequently became
infected by Covid-19 following injection.   Yet There does not appear to
be the “Will” in our elected officials to administer punitive action
against those that committed the fraud likely due to the inordinate
influence of those special interests that committed the fraud in the
first place.

If and likely when another event of this magnitude takes place in the
World going forward it is important to have at least learned something
from this constant rush to judgement where ignorant public officials
were allowed to run a scam of the highest order for years.  Those
responsible benefited immensely from this fraud and should be made to
pay an immense price for this behavior or this Country will be subject
to falling for another “Big Lie” in the near future, not that we don’t
have multiple lies floating around already.  Climate Change anyone?

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