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Bu Guest Columnist, Michael Ceremello – April 8, 2019 –

Is the goal of the media and humanity to drown all rational beings in trivial nonsense to the point we all become jaded?  I have had the debate with my friend Rich G about which is more boring, local, State, or Federal politics.  If you immerse yourself within any of these levels, it is difficult not to become disenchanted with the processes and the lack of positive results.  Hence, ennui arises.

We have gotten to the point, or perhaps it has been here since the beginning, of being more concerned with winning for “our side” than accomplishing worthwhile goals for the masses or humanity at large.  The Founding Fathers attempted to give us a construct whereby we could benefit our fledgling society but they too were guilty of squabbling over their ideologies.  This partisanship is inherent in the human condition.

This is the flaw of mankind.  Relatively few of us can submerge our egos when ideas are countered by others and we believe, or can, prove those ideas to be incorrect.  This also goes for the other side when results show their theories to be wrongheaded or completely illogical.  There should be no gray area about what is right or wrong and a logical or reasonable person should be able to accept the truth.

What we have in America today is ideology on steroids.  It makes no difference what governmental entity you encounter, they all act the same.  The bureaucrat is here to do his duty no matter the result.  Much as in Nazi Germany, or any other militaristic regime, “we are only following orders” comes out of the mouths of those enforcing the rules made by fools.

Let’s look briefly at Kalifornia.  Besides being the land of fruits and nuts, it is ruled by the same.  As Orange County found out during the last election, Republicans (the voice of the loyal opposition) and their viewpoints are not welcome.

If you don’t like the outcome of the election, change the rules.  “Vote harvesting” is now legal including its vast potential for fraud.  Want to vote as a dead person, make a rule that local election officials can’t remove voters from the rolls except under extreme proof.  How exactly does a dead person inform the registrar that he or she has died?  You move out of State and forget to notify the registrar, your name stays on the list.

The State government higher ups have given us climate change nonsense which typically only affects the prices of the final product.  In the large scheme of things, cap and trade and/or cutting emissions, has no effect on the global climate where CO2 makes up a minuscule amount of the atmosphere.  CO2 itself is a necessity for plant growth and hot houses are sometimes infused with the gas to enhance plant growth.

But that isn’t all they have given us.  Release criminals into our neighborhoods and create sanctuary cities for criminals from other countries.  They haven’t solved water issues instead telling us we must conserve.  That is kind of reminiscent of Jimmy Carter in his cardigan telling us to lower the thermostat rather than increasing energy supply or Barack Obummer telling us that heavy industry will never return to the US.

At the Federal level we can now easily intimate what the Left would do if in total control as has basically occurred in California.  The two questionably marginally mentally competent senators from our State have proved my point before I even made it.  What happened in the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing was history repeating itself with a vengeance as Clarence Thomas can attest.  There is no room for conservatives and Kavanaugh has already shown he will be as worthless as Anthony Kennedy whom he replaced.

So it isn’t even about reality but rather possibility which drives the regressive Left.  If you step out of line within their ranks, you also become a target.  Comey was attacked after the mock investigation and clearing of Hillary Clinton’s actions.  Then he became the darling of the Left when he began to attack Trump.  Mueller was their great hope until he issued his findings with little to cling onto although the Left wants to spin his conclusions to their advantage for impeachment proceedings.  Now they are after attorney general Barr because they just know Trump is guilty of something.

What is the true goal of the progressive “regressive” Left?  We have already touched on it.  They want total control to change the results when the public isn’t smart enough to accept their designs for a new Amerika.  Let’s just imagine what would be happening right now if the Democrats controlled the Senate as well as the House and had a super majority as once existed in California.  You wonder why the Left is so concerned about the Supreme Court?

The tyranny of the Left has almost become a fait accompli.  No one could drain the Swamp because he would be immediately be removed on the flimsiest of excuses.  We don’t need “high crimes and misdemeanors”, he isn’t one of us and we, not the public, not only make the rules but decide who gets to serve.  Auntie Maxine Waters would be in hog heaven along with all of the others who want to break the back of America as we know it.

It is now solution time.  Can we start at the local level and make a difference?  Not hardly as eventually you get no cooperation from those in city government as demonstrated by the fact that the city manager refuses to communicate with the public who wants answers.  The mayor throws up his hands as if there is nothing he can do.  He is probably right because we don’t have a strong mayor system and the council is loaded with those who would rather have corrupt city staff do the thinking for them.

We are also fighting the local school system which can’t seem to provide basic education let alone instruction on our political system beyond “who was the first President of the United States”.  They don’t invite speakers with opposing philosophies to speak under the guise “if we did it for one political party, we would have to do it for all of them.”  So where do we go to educate those of the masses who still have the ability to listen?

As we now see, you cannot rely on the large platforms controlled by Leftists.  Facebook censors you for using terms such as “snowflake” in your posts.  Twitter outright bans certain commentators.  So what do we do?

The free market approach, if unfettered by government, will allow competition to arise much as AMAC was started in response to the AARP.  We see the media controlled predominantly by the Left so if you don’t like it, start a broadcast company to counter it.  Fox News encountered the Left’s backlash but has survived.  Now we see Blaze TV who recently merged with Levin TV and NewsMax as not only providing a conservative counterpoint but acting as an educational outlet on top of that.

There is also the ability for anyone to make a podcast.  This venue needs to be organized for easier access to specific viewpoints.  At least the average person can then have a voice.  Those who want to listen then have the opportunity for enlightenment.

I look at this from the aspect which drives most of us.  There is money to be made and a Nation to save.  The Supreme Court must be preserved by putting “originalists” in control instead of peacemakers like John Roberts.  Having justices like Taney trying to preserve slavery instead of confronting an incorrect viewpoint, does harm to the intent of the Founders found within the Declaration of Independence.

My question now is “what happens after Trump?”  Once the irreparable harm has been done, such as Obama-care, all we get from the average politician is excuses as to why it can’t be undone.  The electoral college system, expansion of the Supreme Court, the elimination of fossil fuel usage, all of these are contrary to advancing the quality of life for those of us not within the ruling ranks.

The point is we all have options to the mind numbing blitzkrieg of mass media’s brain washing attempts.  It is now on us to either accept the alternatives or become part of the problem.  “This is a choice I leave to you” …


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