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By Donna Westfall – February 14, 2017 – Sometimes one has to wonder why something is or isn’t on the agenda. take for example; Last Chance Grade and Sup. Bob Berkowitz disclosing his plan.

NOT on the agenda because Chair Chris Howard was in Japan and he wanted to be part of the discussion.  In a 2-2 standoff, Chair Roger Gitlin could not impress the importance of discussing Bob’s Plan  to Sups. Cowan and Hemmingsen even though Bob explained that Tuesday, February 14th was the deadline to submit to the state.

Same thing happened with SB 54, turning Calif. into a Sanctuary State.  Another 2-2 standoff.

And, we’re still waiting for TERM LIMITS to be placed on he agenda.

No wonder nothing ever gets done.

January 25, 2017 – So much to relate, so little time.  Let’s hit the highlights.  First off, the Del Norte County Treasurer, Barbara Lopez, presented the figures and percentages on the County’s investment portfolio. They have $50 million dollars.  Actually, $50,479.34 earning interest rates less than 2% for the most part.  Sup. 5th District, Bob Berkowitz, asked a couple of questions about other opportunities to increase investment income, or if the Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT – motel/hotel) was increased to 10%, what would that result in increased income to the County?

Another topic – Our Sacramento politicos are at it again and want to increase the gas tax as though 60 cents a gallon isn’t enough. Here we go again.  They wanted a letter from our County giving them the ok sign.  That was put on hold.

It’s always entertaining to hear what Victoria Dickey has to say when she gets up for public comment.  Her, “Just say NO!” drew laughs.

Our sister city in Japan supplied 4 free tickets to have City and County reps visit them.  Sup Cowan wanted to go on the Japan trip and have the county pay for it.  “Nope,” says Linda Sutter.  Sup Gitlin waved the red covered budget – it’s not in here for that.  Jay Sarina said it was.  “Nope,” said the board. She’s not going unless she pays her won way.  AND WHY WEREN’T THERE ANY DOCUMENTS INCLUDED ON THE AGENDA?

Sup. Bob Berkowitz has a plan for Last Change Grade and it was scheduled to be disclosed at the next BOS meeting.


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