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By Assemblyman Kevin Kiley – August 22, 2022

LA Public Health is offering free COVID tests for pets, and the New York Times is encouraging masks to stop monkeypox. They just can’t let go.

Such nonstop nonsense has brought the California Exodus to a breaking point. New IRS data shows we just lost 260,000 taxpayers to other states, forfeiting twice as much revenue as any prior year. Clearly, this is not sustainable.

But the same report also revealed migration patterns within California. Just as people are leaving the Lockdown State of California for the Freedom States of Florida, Texas, and Idaho, they are also leaving California’s Lockdown Counties for its Freedom Counties.

Consider the Healthy Communities Counties. These are the counties that passed the Healthy Communities Resolution I wrote with James Gallagher in 2020. The Resolution was a statement of opposition to mandates and an assertion of local control.

Placer and El Dorado passed it first, followed by several North State counties, and eventually, 14 counties throughout California as far south as Orange. (See the Resolution and list of counties here)

According to the IRS data, almost every Healthy Communities County gained population, while hyper-lockdown counties like LA, SF, and Santa Clara hemorrhaged residents. This is truly a bellwether of change.

And one powerful change is imminent: the makeup of school boards. Today I announced my first set of endorsements. With so many pro-parent, pro-student candidates stepping up, we can set education in California on a whole new course.

Help me defeat my Pelosi-backed opponent

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