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By Assemblyman Kevin Kiley – March 9, 2022

Yesterday Newsom delivered his State of the State speech. It lasted 17 minutes. Asked to address our state’s problems, the unbearably long-winded Governor had little to say.

He certainly had nothing to say about crime. Earlier in the day, I’d held a major press conference to end the Prop. 47 mess Newsom helped create. I then walked into the Capitol for the hearing on the bill.

While voters overwhelmingly support it, the radical “Public Safety” Committee killed my bill on a party-line vote. Watch the press conference and committee hearing here.

This is far from over. Newsom’s enablers at the LA Times were so worried they devoted their entire editorial to attacking me, even calling the crime problem a “work of fiction.” Our focus now turns to a ballot initiative circulating to repeal Prop. 47.

One thing in the State of the State did catch my attention. Newsom suddenly wants to “address” gas prices with tax relief. If he’s serious, he’ll back my bill to suspend the gas tax. Otherwise, it’s just the usual puffery.

Puffery is how I’d describe a new slogan he rolled out: “The California Way.” That’s supposed to be a good thing, like when he told Biden we’re a “model for the nation.”

In reality, Newsom’s “California Way” is ruining the greatest state in the country. We can’t let it become the “American Way” and ruin the greatest country in the world.

Help me fight for our state and country

Kevin Kiley

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