Sun. May 26th, 2024

Opinion piece By Katherine K. Kelly

marijuana plantI rarely agree with Councilwoman Murray, but in reading the article about the City’s proposed

ban on marijuana, she is right on the money. The ban paints marijuana usage with too broad

a brush. Fears of large growing operations should not impede a medical marijuana user from

having access to his or her medicine. There are ways to prohibit large grows yet still allow for

medical usage.

Councilman Holley cites Federal prohibition, yet in December, when Congress passed the

fiscal year 2016 Omnibus Appropriations Bill, it included a provision that says the Feds will no

longer interfere with states that allow medical marijuana. They will no longer be funded to raid

and close dispensaries.

From the Senate website detailing what is in the appropriations bill


act-of-2016): “This bill again contains language preventing the Justice Department from

interfering with states that have medical marijuana laws ensuring that the prescribing and

dispensing of medical marijuana in that state is both legal and regulated. Patients and doctors

in states that have approved medical marijuana, including Maryland, need to know that they

(sic) safe from arrest and prosecution by the federal government.”

So with that little inconvenient truth, the City’s ordinance should be rewritten to allow for

medical marijuana use according to State law. Large grows are indeed bad for the community

and environment, but if a person has a medical card that allows them to grow a few marijuana

plants in their home or yard, there is no longer justification to make criminals out of people

just needing to (legally) feel better.

One thought on “The City’s Pot Ban”
  1. Kudos for recognizing that federal and state law supercede any ordinance…you have to consider the source and Mr. Holly is not a great source….

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