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By Guest Columnist, Michael Ceremello – May 29, 2019

Over 70% of Americans do not favor impeachment but what does that matter when it gets in the way of your goal of total control?  Rather than concentrating on the contention that Venezuela now has nuclear weapons, courtesy of Vladimir Putin, we have politicians more concerned that women continue to have the right to murder their unborn and even post natal offspring.

Today was the first I heard of the Venezuela issue and it was announced on Tuesday night’s Tucker Carlson show.  It is a fact that Russia landed two nuclear armed bombers in that country in December.  The congressman who made the contention stated without proof that nuclear weapons were installed in that country by Russians.  Nice to know that all you have worked for and lived for can go up in smoke on the whim of a not so petty dictator.

Baseless impeachment proceedings will continue to distract us from issues of importance.  These are issues the Democratic party doesn’t want resolved except to their liking.  They want open borders.  They want a return to high unemployment rates and businesses leaving the US.  They want the US to be Venezuela and to reduce our population to “sustainable” levels through the attrition of starvation.  Gives me a real reason to get up tomorrow and begin my day.

The game of impeachment has been proceeding now for over two years since Trump’s election to office by those of us legally in America.  The popular vote, tainted in California and other predominantly liberal cities and States, is a demonstration of election manipulation, fraud and interference on a much grander scale than Russian internet troll farms and the like.  The Left refuses to concede and continues to chant their Goebbelic lies hoping we all will eventually give up sanity and believe them.

Much like in Dixon, where we spend $2 million just to design an overpass or push to spend $3 million on a park in the middle of town where parking is more appropriate, the US government is held hostage to the radical agenda of the far Left and $30 million has been wasted in an attempt to do what Robert Mueller stated couldn’t be done with his foreknowledge when he initially took on the task: to indict a sitting President.

I find it fascinating the legal profession’s top attorneys and teachers of constitutional law have pointed out it is not any prosecutor’s goal to “exonerate” those he or she is investigating.  James Comey did this with Hillary Clinton, after listing prosecutable offenses on her part.  The double talk and hypocrisy is the world of politicians and lawyers.  No wonder so many are both, such as Gerald Nadler, Adam Schiff, and Kamala Harris.

At this point the Left has their debatable victory.  We are all sick of the accusations and lack of action toward some demonstrable end.  Unfortunately elections aren’t held every couple of months and even when they occur, the populace rarely takes action to change anything.

I would say we are headed for a governmental precipice.  Unlike others who believe the surge in mindless violence is due to the availability of marijuana or video games, I believe a large portion of this is due to the continuing irritation known as ever burgeoning governmental control on all levels.

The coming civil war is personified by the call to form the State of Jefferson.  Most of us find overwhelming control by others as not only non-essential but totally unnecessary.  We can either do it peaceably by giving sanctuary to conservative ideals or it may turn bloody.

One thing is for sure.  The majority of those in power are operating aristocratically, for their benefit and those close to them.  The French had a solution for it: Madame Guillotine.  Pol Pot had a solution.  Mao, Stalin, Korean Kim, and Maduro have a solution.

Death at the hands of the People … thank God for the Second Amendment …




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