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Commentary by Samuel Strait – February 27, 2023

Looks like it is fair to say with the recent collapse of anything
remotely resembling expertise from many of our “Expert” class over the
past three years, it is not surprising that more of the Country’s
citizens will be much more cautious when listening to the “expert
pronouncements” going forward.  Gone will be the totality of acceptance
found so widely in the population during the Covid years when an
invisible pathogen wrought havoc on the world’s population.  Now it is
time for the same response to the religion of catastrophic climate change.

Just who are the people who repeatedly showered us with hysteria over
rising world temperatures that did not happen after repeated claims that
the world was on the brink.  Years of one deadline after another, all
telling us that human activity was threatening the future of the world,
and yet it did not happen.  Quickly Global warming suddenly be came
“Climate Change” when disaster failed to materialize.  Yet, the world’s
climate has remained safely tucked away in the normalcy of regular
climate variation, at least for the last 7,000 years or so, what is next?

It seems, at least here in California and likely with many other Climate
Change zealots, that the diminishing concern over the fading memory of
impending climate disaster has galvanized the hysterics to begin
proclaiming every normal weather occurrence as epic, never seen before. 
Hurricanes, a normal event in the Atlantic every year, are now being
labeled as epic, historic, and even monumental, as if they were anything
different from hundreds of years of storms.  Tornadoes, drought,
flooding, wild fires, and any other dramatic event that can be swept
into the fear mongering voices of “Climate Change” now rule many in the
expert class. Can’t have a good disaster go to waste when promoting the
world is coming to an end from violent storms and rapid heating of the
earth’s surface by those pesky humans who are engaged in destroying the
planet.   Yawn!

As with Covid, the shrill voices of doom are beginning to be seen as
anything but catastrophic, and that should concern those that spout the
fraud and are now being viewed as hucksters with political intent to
control your lives.  If anything that the recent events surrounding the
collapse of faith in our medical experts is to judge by, soon other
“experts” will shortly suffer the same loss of credibility.  Just as the
response to Covid-19 failed in so many ways, Climate Change is well down
a similar pathway.  The Climate Change warriors will continue to shriek
“the world is coming to an end” in 2030, 2035, 2050, 2100 until nobody
is listening.  If someone will now put a cork into the mouth of that
idiot in Sacramento, Governor “empty suit” Gavin Newsom, noted
“climatologist, and resident expert” maybe the world will find some
peace.  For we are now, and rightly so, sick of hearing him talk about
everything “Climate Change” that happens in the State.

One thought on “The Coming Collapse Of Climate Change”
  1. I believe in Mother Nature changing the weather, Natural Evolution, I guess the expert (Gore) forgot or didn’t read about the Mammoths found in Alaska with plants in their stomach that grow in tropical weather.

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