Mon. Jul 15th, 2024
By Brigette Gabriel – June 19, 2024
The government doesn’t benefit Americans by spending money, overregulating, and promising endless programs. These programs cause inflation, robbing Americans of real opportunities and personal fortunes that belong to them, not to the bloated government.

So far, Bidenflation has cost the average American $38,400 over three years—$12,800 a year. If Biden is granted another four years, this cost will soar to $89,600 or more!What Every American Could Have Done with Biden’s Inflation Tax:
Start a New Business: The average cost is $30K-40K.
Buy a Home: With a 5-17% down payment, you could secure a home in any state.
Pay for 1.5 Years of College: Covering tuition, books, supplies, and daily living expenses at an average city college costing $27K a year.
Buy a Used Car: At an average price of $27K, you’d have over $11K left for maintenance and gas.
Savings for 3-20 Months: Providing financial security for every American making $150K or less.
Earn Interest on Savings: Earning $1,728 in a 4.5% high-yield savings account over three years.
Cover One Year’s Income: For 105 million Americans, the lost money equates to one year’s income.
When you realize the Biden Administration’s scheme to give away benefits to special groups and fund 600 federal agencies to turn out the vote in these specially subsidized groups of Americans, you see the grander picture of this shameless one-party takeover attempt. 

Biden’s economic policies and the predetermined outcome of inflation—but at what it’s costing us in our ability to increase our personal prosperity and wealth.  Imagine what you could do with your dollars if they weren’t undermined and undervalued by overspending and overprinting. The cost of this mismanagement of our nation falls directly on the backs of working-class taxpayers who are being ground into dust.

We can do better!

Let’s restore economic policies prioritizing fiscal responsibility, personal wealth, and the American dream. It’s time to stop the government’s overreach and return opportunities and prosperity to the people.

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Brigette Gabriel is Founder of Act for America

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