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By Samuel Strait, Reporter at Large – August 8, 2021

Oh My Goodness!  Sounds like this year’s County Fair is well worth the
time and financial investment.  Are you surprised that there wasn’t a
last minute cancellation due to the horror of horrors, “THE DELTA
VARIANT”?  Looks like the Fair Board put their big boy pants on and
money won out.   Have to laugh as the usual suspects, Kevin Hendrick,
the progressive mouth piece at the local Democrat Central Committee,
Eric Weir our “medical expert” of Crescent City’s bureaucracy, and the
local Mega Non Profit out on Washington, Sutter Health, are all posting
“dire warnings” about the recent surge of Covid cases and the need to be
safe “if” you plan on attending the County’s Fair.   Of course, not to
forget our local ecoterrorists and recycle nut jobs under the leadership
of Director Tedd Ward out at the Del Norte Solid Waste Management
Authority and finally our Medical Propagandists at the County’s
Department of Public Health and Emergency Services will also be sitting
this one out due to the overwhelming impact the Covid surge “may” have
on their ability to provide services.

One thing that is noticeable about all the hype over being “safe” while
attending the fair, is that masks are available, plenty of masks,
excessive cleaning has been undertaken, additional hand sanitizing
stations, and, this is important, additional portable toilets are to be
made available.  But keep in mind that Sutter’s twenty five bed capacity
is in “surge condition”, no mention of the other twenty five beds that
could be available if it weren’t for Sutter’s concern over their bottom
line.  And you might not have been able to have your trash disposed of
next week at the transfer station if the DNSWMA’s employees were
infected with Covid.

One couldn’t help but notice the weekly Facebook postings by the
County’s “nannies” taking the Fair Board to task over “not cancelling
the Fair entirely”, but what are you going to do?  The fat lady had
already been prepped to sing.  Seriously, folks, the County Fair is a
great place to reconnect with friends and relatives.  The entertainment
value after a bleak nineteen months is well worth the effort to go to
this year’s Fair.  Even the Public Health’s “Dash Board of Doom” bears
little resemblance to the spikes in December and January of 2020. 
Nationwide Deaths are down as are hospitalizations.  Ask yourself, “Do
you know directly someone who has had Covid?”  Not a friend that knows
somebody who knows somebody, but do you know somebody who has had Covid,
let alone the “DELTA VARIANT”.  The answer may surprise you.

We have all experienced the advice of “experts” at one time or another,
counseling us to refrain from life itself, and yet here you are.  You
probably have a better chance of driving your car and a negative out
come than going to the Del Norte County Fair this year.  Attend and
partake.  Don’t let the nannies of Del Norte County spoil the fun. 
Surly there will be enough of that in the months to come, October is
typically the start of virus season every year.  It’s just now, we are
testing and contact tracing our way through the winter months.  After
all we must keep the Department of Public Health and Emergency Services
earning their bloated salaries, not to forget Tedd Ward in clover, Kevin
Hendrick’s progressive dream alive, Eric Weir’s stint as the City’s CEO
meaningful, and Sutter’s bottom line well padded.  Has anything been
forgotten?  Oh, Yes, If you wish to be vaccinated, it may not be
happening in the Fair, just nearby, and well protected from those that
just want to enjoy themselves at the Fair.

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