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By Guest Columnist, Michael Ceremello – May 18, 2017 – I have been pondering the situation our American society finds itself in.  Most of you in the public probably don’t care about politics.  My proof is the continued election and re-election in California of Democrats bent on destroying California as a microcosm of what the Left wants to do nationally.  Additionally, those on the Right seem to have a problem in picking individuals who are more than talk and are easily corrupted by their own “Establishment”.

What stands out most significantly to me is how easy it is for those in the media to lie, the Communists on the Left pretending to be Democrats to lie, and how hard it is for those on the Right to stand up and say “you are lying”.  I don’t exempt Republicans, especially the Republicans in name only such as Lindsey Graham and John McCain.

It amazes me that any sane, rational or logical person can’t see the extent of Russian interference in our last election.  Surpassing the global warming CO2 scam, there is no proof of any actual meddling by the Russians.  Yet the lying media have concocted their narrative, those Leftist haters of Trump jump on the bandwagon, and we get senators such as Graham who don’t know how to research, read, or comprehend what is really going on.

Graham, on last Sunday’s Meet the Press, stated he wanted to see Russia punished.  I would suggest he listen to Sean Hannity’s exposé of the Democrat National Committee (DNC) alleged hack with Julian Assange of Wikileaks stating that he did not, NOT, receive the information from the Russians.  Let’s look at this aspect for a second.

If the Russians were to blame, if they did hack the DNC emails of John Podesta, and then they exposed the corruption of what Hillary Clinton’s operatives were doing to ace out Bernie Sanders, why is that a bad thing?  How is it that everyone has missed this simple point?  Maybe you think it is alright to win at any cost including cheating and plotting?  Was it okay that the media was giving Hillary questions before her debates?  My larger question is “isn’t this the job of real journalists and why wasn’t this corruption exposed by major media?

I remember when Bill Clinton was president.  Supposedly 270 people associated with him died including Vince Foster and a prominent member of his Cabinet.  Now we have Seth Rich, a DNC staffer, who was shot in the back in a supposed robbery.  Only problem is Rich was not robbed of his wallet, watch, or cell phone.  The media is attempting to cover this up as a “conspiracy theory” while they acknowledge that the DNC is attempting to find who leaked their emails.

Wait a minute.  I thought the Russians hacked it.  Are you now telling me that a DNC staffer helped the Russians?  The only problem with lying is you have to keep track of what you said so you don’t end up contradicting yourself.

Perhaps it isn’t apparent to you that every single time Trump takes any action, including Tweets, the media opaquely attacks it.  As I wrote once before, “Trump could walk on water and the media would write ‘Trump can’t swim’ “.

We now have the politicians talking about impeachment.  This was the goal all along.  Trump alienated himself from the establishment by attacking all of his opponents personally and viciously.  He also did this to conservatives who were in his way.  My bet is very few of those in his own party, the Establishment itself, will do what is right and support Trump.  They have hated him from the start and he is not one of them.

Trump’s other problem is his incorporation of his family, especially his daughter and her liberal husband, into his team.  Their agenda is not his agenda or at least it shouldn’t be.  Those of us in the US who voted for Trump wanted him because he was a bully who knew what America’s problems were and he could solve them.  The Left tried to castrate Trump, came up empty handed, and now his own party and family want him to go back on his promises to the People who elected him.

I will not take the same tack as Hannity or others who say look at what Obama did or what Democrats did in the past as justification for defusing Trump’s actions.  If what Trump is doing is legal, then it is legal.  As for impeachment, this is the Left’s typical response when they lose.  Overturn the will of the people as the despots that they are.  They only care about power … over all of us.

It also occurred to me, given my upbringing as a good Catholic boy, that lying was a sin of some sort.  Coming under the commandment to “not bear false witness”, I have to question the morality of those both in the media and government.  Is there any wonder why the Left hates organized religion and is constantly belittling or mocking this foundation of the American society?

I left organized religion behind years ago.  Evidently mankind needs religion’s restraints.  While most of us also believe in “thou shalt not kill”, Hillary and Bill never got the memo.  They would not be the first.  I question why, if there have been so many fatalities connected with their associations, they have been able to “get away with murder”?  Crime doesn’t pay?  Give me a break.

The real objective of those in power is to enslave us all.  They point to communistic or socialistic countries as somehow superior to America.  The old adage is “I don’t see anyone leaving America to immigrate to Russia or Cuba”.  I wonder is Kim Jong-un accepting relocation applications?

Aided by the media and unopposed by Republicans who care more about individual power than our republic, we are witnessing the fight to destroy America by those whose idea of Utopia is not the same as mine.  Trump horribly wants to bring America back, economically, socially, and militarily.  Are we all that blind that we can’t see this?

I don’t need anyone, especially a government bureaucrat or nonsensical Hollywood egotist, telling me how to live.  When America is destroyed, life will be a lot harder.  Fiction imitates reality more often than not.  The “Hunger Games”, “Rollerball”, and the Roman Colosseum atrocities all have one thing in common.

Those in power have a good time while the rest of us provide depraved entertainment for them.

America, are you sure this is the way you want to go? …

5 thoughts on “The Coup Against America”
  1. Wow you are surely both ignorant and wasting your position as a so called journalist. Please leave the realm of public discourse.

    1. John, Insults really, but absolutely no discourse. And that’s what I thought you were looking for, What’s up, having a bad day. The whole point of this publication is to provide an arena for CIVIL public discourse, not a place to shut down conversation no matter how much you disagree with the writings. Come on John, put your thinking cap on and give another view point. Let the flow of ideas come out. You have to be able to do something better than, “Wow you are surely both ignorant and wasting your position as a so called journalist”. You lose all credibility. Some ideas, maybe? Something to show that you are not some fly by night in your parent’s basement in your under shorts. Come on man, puts some pants on and spread your wings. You might find somebody that agrees with you. Then again…. But hey its worth a shot. Good luck.

      1. Samuel,
        I suppose I will respond to your comment, but don’t expect a lot of back and forth between us. I found this publication while searching for another news story, and have no vested interest in this as you clearly do. That said, I saw a semblance of respectful language in your post, albeit condescending, so I thought you deserved a thought out response.

        I used a short, and trite response to comment on this article, because it presented nothing that was worth a lengthy discussion. He uses hyperbole, and unsubstantiated claims that fall well within the realm of conspiracy theory. An analogy that would be apt here, is that we could claim lead is a dangerous thing to have in our water, and someone may indeed disagree. The value of teaching a person why lead is dangerous may serve a purpose, but to give both platforms equal footing in the realm of discourse, would be a disservice to those who work tirelessly to provide ample evidence of the toxicity of lead. In this way, Mr. Ceremello offers easily refuted and frankly crackpot theories in every few sentences. The assumptive nature by which he makes claims, ranging from all “Democrats are communist”, to “global warming is a scam”, opens up too many cans of worms to dispute in a single retort.
        The real issue of his textual rant boils down to a single concept; This man adheres to only news and information that agrees with him, and those sources are clearly biased and reduced to right-wing news. Instead of taking the data comprised of scientific communities, and multiple news sources, he decides to blindly follow a man who has yet to earn the American trust, and indeed, the trust of any individual. This man, Donald Trump, has been in the public eye for forty years, and has yet to show a single shred of integrity on any subject, and has been caught in more lies than any politician in recent memory. We may agree to disagree on the quality of his predecessors, and also find anecdotes proving that some politicians have behaved worse than he has. This does not increase confidence in the trust we can put into the man we call Trump, nor does it support his reasoning for the bold claims Mr. Ceremello so carelessly throws into this op-ed.
        The real reason I chose to not go into such depth on this topic with my admittedly crass comment, is reduced to the sad state of current affairs in our country, which shows that we simply believe the news that agrees with us, and this confirmation bias, and also self-serving bias, means that we have no basis for cogent discussion. To provide a platform for easily discreditable statements such as these is a disservice to the media platform which it rests upon, as it regresses our level of discourse to a circular argument that is never allowed to provide enlightenment to anyone participating.
        I disagree with his premise that Trump is interested in helping the country based on his blatantly selfish attempts at ego preservation, fear of the press, and willingness to say anything to get people to think he is a ‘winner’ instead of doing real work in the interest of the country. I disagree with Mr. Ceremello’s premise about global warming being a scam, because we have ample evidence to show how humans have affected the environment since the industrial revolution, directly related to the combustion of fossil fuels. I disagree with the premise that all democrats are communist, because the hyperbole of such a statement is staggering, and it rejects the educational, social, and economic components of each person in our government that can be cited to prove this is simply an exaggeration, if not false on all accounts. I think Mr. Ceremello raises a difficult question with regards to Mr. Rich being murdered, and yet his assumptions are impossible to substantiate in any way. Finally, the premise that the Russia investigation is obviously fraudulent is not his, nor is it mine to decide. The investigation itself needs to continue without impediment, so that the truth can be revealed, and instead of making invalid and prejudiced assumptions, we owe it to the nation to let the evidence speak for itself. Any effort by individuals, especially Mr. Trump to interrupt this process would be clear evidence of improper conduct for someone involved in such investigations.
        In summation, I disagree with nearly everything this man says, and frankly the points he raises are so unworthy of discussion that I feel like I wasted my own time explaining this to strangers on the internet. Out of respect for the true sense of discourse, I gave it my best effort Mr. Strait, and I hope you understand my perspective a bit better. I will not assume your response, but if you base it on purely right-wing news sources I suspect we will have nothing more to say to each other, as we are limited to the things we call “factual,” and as we can plainly see, we live in a zeitgeist where the well has been poisoned completely, and feelings and opinions rule well over reasoned critical thinking. I hope these words find you well, and I do not intend to respond further. Thank you for your time.

        1. John, this is precisely the kind of discourse that I can truly appreciate. I apologize for a seemingly condescending attitude towards your original post,as it is clear that you have much of value to contribute to this forum. It happens too often that people are quick to insult rather than listen carefully and then communicate. Your follow up post has given me much to think about in connection to this particular post and your thoughts on it. If you don’t mind, I wish to spend a bit of time reviewing your comments and will get back to you. As I am not enamored with a specific ideology, quite possibly we have some thoughts in common. Having been both historian and scientist at different times in my life,I have certain difficulties with many of the certainties that you have expressed and will elaborate in the next post. I hope you will continue to add to this community in much the same way as you have above.

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