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By Assemblyman Kevin Kiley – September 26, 2022

To cover up the damage they caused, California politicians are delaying the release of student test scores until after the election. I’ve written a scathing letter to state schools chief Tony Thurmond demanding the results be released immediately.

Thurmond is a scandal-plagued Newsom ally. Last year he gave his groomsman, a Philadelphia self-help guru, a $180k/year gig as “Superintendent of Equity.” He lost this no-show job after I reported it as illegal; Thurmond can lose his if we vote for Lance Christensen.

At our Capitol, cover-ups are routine:

  • After an NPR investigation showed Newsom overstated his fire prevention efforts by “an astounding 690 percent,” his Administration removed evidence of these lies from the internet.
  • After the Supermajority voted down my gas tax suspension bill, they tried to destroy the evidence of the bill’s existence and then formed a sham “Select Committee” on gas prices. Four months later, we’re paying $2 above the national average.
  • After we exposed Newsom reporting false COVID data to the public, his Public Health Director, Legislative Affairs Director, and Deputy Cabinet Secretary all resigned but he refused to accept any responsibility and the Legislature declined to investigate.

Joe Biden follows Newsom’s cover-up playbook. In recent weeks he’s changed the definition of a “recession,” claimed inflation is “zero percent,” and signed a so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” that will make inflation worse.

The point of a cover-up is to evade accountability. That’s why sunlight is the best disinfectant; it’s why our movement keeps growing as more people learn the truth. Exposing the truth is why I started this blog, and I’ll keep writing it from inside the U.S. Capitol if elected to Congress.

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