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By Samuel Strait, Reporter at Large – August 11, 2021

It must look bad to the public when the DashBoard of Doom from Public
Health prattles on about 140 cases of Covid-19, but let’s get real.  It
amounts to less than a half percent of Del Norte County’s total
population.  It is laughable that the local hospital is talking tents in
the parking lot.  Seems it comes from operating on such a small scale,
or is it just hyping the numbers.  It becomes impossible to estimate the
true impact of the Covid virus in Del Norte County when no one gives the
facts.  Not many people actually know someone who has had the virus, and
in a small community that is saying something.  When you have
irresponsible people in positions of authority, Valerie Starkey comes to
mind, constantly stoking the fear over “The Virus” it is hard for people
to appreciate just how small the actual virus event truly is.

In the US, the numbers of infected people by the “new” Delta Variant has
been relatively small and does not appear to be spreading much faster
than previously experienced viruses. Hospitalizations tend to show only
a small number of increases, and effective treatments are keeping the
death numbers low.  Yet, how much value can be placed on reported death
totals and hospitalizations when testing is suspect?  How can we be
certain those that have died reportedly by Covid if the circumstances of
those that have died remain concealed by HIPAA regulations? Can we trust
the medical community to be honest after so much deceit has been
uncovered over the months of the Pandemic?

In the first place, testing is probably the least effective way to get
any idea of what the situation has become after nineteen months of
constant spin over a virus that failed to measure up to the initial hype
of being the “plague of the century”.  When you factor in the
information available about testing, the enormity of the problems with
mass testing should give anyone pause and a chance to think a bit before
reacting to the huge number of “reported” positive results.  How many
people found their way into the reported numbers multiple times due to
being tested more than once?   How many tests were found to be false
positives?  Why is the current “gold standard” of testing the RT-PCR
test being removed from the CDC’s recommended testing protocol on
December 31,2021?   The answers to all of these questions might surprise
you.  In simple terms, the FDA has found the RT-PCR test to be
unreliable.  It is also the test used in a majority of mass testing
administered in the past nineteen months.  In addition, the history of
the development of Covid testing during the Pandemic should give anyone
paying attention a great deal of concern.

Much of the ground covered by reporting on the problems with numbers
spewed by government and media sources about Covid-19  has appeared in
previous articles and is fertile ground for separating fact from the
fiction currently being employed particularly in the United States. 
Topics such as the futility of wearing masks, social distancing, hand
washing and lockdowns have been covered extensively.  As to the medical
use of such drugs as Hydroxychloroquine, Remdesivir, Ritonavir,
Lopinavir and Ivermectin having been proven to be inexpensive
alternatives to combat Covid infections, little attention has been given
thus far in the US and Europe.  Recent reports from India showing the
use of Ivermectin in place of vaccines developed in the United States
has shown to be a much better preventative and treatment for those
infected than the Pfizer, Moderna or the Johnson and Johnson vaccines.

All of the information available that disputes the current narrative
offered by local public health officials, most media sources, and
government bureaucracy is difficult to come by and widely disputed as
quackery by those same sources, but too much has been revealed over the
past year and a half to dismiss it quite so easily.  Observations by
thinking people have begun to reveal all is not right with the Pandemic
narrative and resistance to vaccines, and other previous mandates of
masking and distancing have begun to surface in growing numbers.  Damage
to the education of our youth, to the economy, and people lives have
spawned a growing reaction as the curtain is drawn back on the evidence
that the virus is no more than what human populations have experienced
countless times before.  Will government and its medical minions
relinquish their thirst for power or be forced to, losing all
credibility for future generations?

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