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By Kevin Kiley – September 28, 2023

he Biden Administration is rewriting the history of COVID. Yesterday, the official responsible for the illegal employee vaccine mandate – which targeted 84 million Americans until the Supreme Court struck it down – tried to deny it ever happened.

This came during a hearing I chaired of the Workforce Subcommittee. The official, David Parker, is the head of the “OSHA” agency, which formally enacted Biden’s vaccine mandate in November of 2021. Yet Parker testified: “we didn’t demand anyone be fired.”

This follows HHS Secretary Becerra saying with a straight face that “we didn’t force anyone to do anything” despite enforcing a toddler mask mandate. It follows Education Secretary Cardona’s straight-up lying about his past support for child vaccine mandates.

Xavier Becerra

To make sure they don’t get away with this, I’ve put together a short video showing the false testimony of Parker, Becerra, and Cardona. The video is on track to receive millions of views across platforms. You can watch it here and share it on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter

The concerted effort to rewrite history is telling. It shows we have won the debate. The unthinkable abuses of the COVID era can’t be justified, so the perpetrators are trying to send them down an Orwellian memory hole. Then, they’ll all-too-readily do the same thing again.

Parker, the OSHA head for Biden, previously held the same position in California for Newsom. In my opening statement at the hearing, I reviewed how his and Newsom’s abuses were the worst anywhere – including the most ridiculous mask policy of the whole COVID era.

Along with Julie Su, Parker is another example of Newsom’s failures going national. With these two perverse trends – to rewrite the history of COVID and to spread California’s politics nationwide – our fight for sanity is more important than ever. 

Kevin Kiley is a California Congressman

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