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By Samuel Strait – Reporter at Large – March 25, 2022

It doesn’t seem to matter how many times you say it, the State is not
going to be serious about fixing any of the problems that are upper most
on Californian’s minds.  Our local State buffoon, Mark McGuire suddenly
thinks that homelessness is front and center for those that reside in
Del Norte County.  Sure, it is a problem no thanks to government “fixes”
in the past, but in this County being taxed and inflated out of house
and home measures slightly higher on the old list of things that are
going “south” rapidly. Governor Hair Gel Newsom and the first person
seem to think it is the impending doom of Roe v. Wade.  Our senile
president remains fixed on what flavor of ice cream cone he is currently
holding in his hands.

The “Brain Trust”, also known as the City’s Councilmen, seem fixated on
solving the “Great Gasoline Tax Conundrum”.  Several ideas were floated,
as the responsible culprits for the last nine months of sharply rising
prices, none of which are even remotely correct by the way.  The ideas
being floated are Spring gasoline mixture changes, the Russians are
coming, and the Pandemic.  As was stated in an earlier article prior to
our local idiots going on record, none of the above….  Clearly the
Spring inflation for environmental political correctness has not taken
place as yet. That’s another bump in prices yet to be experienced.  The
price had already been steadily increasing since last summer, well
before the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  And, finally, the pandemic had
been merrily throttling the economy for over a year before the prices of
gasoline took notice.

There is only one major change that has occurred that can explain the
economic reality of what happened when the current Biden Administration
went full “green” and reduced the United States from oil independence to
hand wringing beggar status to the dictator’s of the world, Russia,
Iran, and Saudi Arabia…  Guess what happened, and it started with less
oil domestically to common sense recognition of “Supply and Demand”.  No
tinkering with gas tax or gas vouchers from the State is going to fix
this problem any time soon.  Inflation is here to stay for several
years. Temporary “Six Month” gas tax holidays will not solve the
problem.  Neither will letters to the State Legislature.  Nothing will
change until some serious “House Cleaning” at the Federal level occurs. 
The Leftist pipe dream of the “Green New Deal” will simply make things
worse, not better.

The City Council should know this going forward.  Their efforts to “do
something” are like the governor’s insistence we all wear masks for our
safety, futile…  Until this notion of zero emissions, electric cars
for everyone, and green energy has a reality check, gasoline prices will
be a tool going forward, just like the pandemic, by the left to push
their agenda of Centralized Command and Control.  Gone will be any
notion of personal choice and freedoms.  A central government will be
dictating to you how to live your life.  Choice will become limited to
what that central control allows you to choose.  Like that?   Join the
progressive wing of the Democrat Party….

As with anything our local Lords attempt to fix, it helps when you know
the cause.  Clearly none of the City’s Councilmen know what that is.  It
is a shame that basic economic policy is severely absent.  When a
particular product is in short supply, there is a natural increase in
cost to the consumer.  Gasoline and diesel are in short supply
domestically due to the Biden administration’s policies.  This causes
inflation of the price of gasoline.  Buying oil from other Countries
further increases the price at the pump.  When this is combined with
inflation, again an issue that stems from Federal policies of the Biden
Administration, we will see sharply increasing prices not only with
fuel, but everything else.  Unless policy changes are made immediately,
the cost of fuel will only continue to increase. Once it reaches a
certain point, the economy will suffer just like 2008.  Be prepared for
a roller coaster of a ride for several years….  Are you listening City
Council????  Eliminating Measures “R” and “S” would be a good start.  
Reducing the cost of government as a whole would be even better.  We all
will be doing things with a lot less for the foreseeable future.  This
is not going to be a “short time” event….

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