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By Donna Westfall – February 17,2017 – 6 am to 7 am


Last year I asked Supervisor Gerry Hemmingsen if he could do anything to see that the two free fishing days a year were expanded to more free fishing days without the need to purchase a fishing license.  Nothing was done, or he forgot. The seven people attending this mornings 6 am meeting at the Apple Peddler, could appreciate my reasoning that just like growing food on your property, fishing for food or sport shouldn’t be taxed or regulated. After a brief discussion, it was recommended that I make a public comment at Tuesday’s special meeting requesting that free fishing days include all legal holidays, and have it placed on the next Board of Supervisors agenda. I’m going to add that I want to see term limits on the next BOS agenda.


Roger Gitlin talked about finishing a TV segment with Channel 3, KIEM that took place on Cooper Avenue when it was opened. “One minute after I finished talking to the reporter, Cooper was closed.”

Roger W. said that to put down asphalt, the temperatures need to be at certain levels and the road can’t be wet. “We probably didn’t have the right materials.”


Connie M. pointed out that the Crescent City, City Council meets in the evenings, why can the Board of Supervisors?  How can working people take time away at 10 am to attend a BOS meeting?


Bob Berkowitz looked up on the Del Norte County website to see if the agenda had been posted for Tuesday, February 21st, Special Meeting at 11 am.  It was. The topic; Last Chance Grade (LCG).

Everyone had something to say about LCG going into the ocean.  Berkowitz said if it did, it would probably be a matter of weeks that something would be put in it’s place.  They would cut into the mountainside and since it was an emergency, all the initial agencies wouldn’t be involved like CEQA, The California Environmental Quality Act… NEPA, National Environmental Policy Act…..  and the California Coastal Commission.

Connie brought up that when the Bay Bridge fell down in San Francisco, her husband took the ferry.  He drove his truck onto the ferry, went to work and then returned by ferry until the bridge was fixed.  He really liked it because he could relax on the ferry.

Roger W. said he would start a ferry business if LCG fell into the ocean.

That turned the discussion around to the Bullet train and Sacramento’s folly.  It’s anybody’s guess when that will be finished and at what price?

At 1  pm the Dept. of Transportation put off approving a $647 million grant to cover electrifying a section of track between San Jose and San Francisco. The grant would be put off until an audit of the high-speed rail project is completed. The price tag on the bullet train looks to have exceeded original estimates.  At speeds of 220 miles per hour, it’s estimated that travel time may be as little as 2 hours 40 minutes to go from LA to San Francisco.

It is estimated that for the entire Phase 1 system up to 95 trainsets might be required. Initially, however, only 16 trainsets are anticipated to be purchased. Trainset expenses, according to the 2014 Business Plan, are planned at $889 million for the IOS (Initial Operating Segment) in 2022, $984 million for the Bay to Basin in 2027, and $1.4 billion for the completed Phase 1 in 2029, for a total of $3.276 billion.

Reminds me of the Wastewater Treatment Project in Crescent City. Originally priced out at $42.5 million that turned into a $43.8 million loan, which the City can’t repay.  Then for phase 2, they want another $36 million, which they ought to start now calling up multi-millionaire celebrities and begging for a donation, cuz they ain’t gonna get it out the ratepayers.

Roger W. recounted his time in an architectural firm dealing with BART – the Bay Area Rapid Transit and the horrible political maneuverings.


David S. looked up the statistics on his phone: 2.2 billion out of 7 billion people on earth are Christians. I produced statistics run at 3:40 am on abortions since Roe v Wade, currently at 59,234,174 million plus in the USA, and related that my grandmother had eight live births and two back alley abortions.  I don’t want to see back alley abortions, but I do not want to see our young people use abortion as birth control.


Clint B. put up a site on Facebook: “Del Norte say whatever you want about whatever you want.”

Foul language has become so common place that little kids are mimicking their parents.  Can we swear off profanity?

It’s a four day weekend and it’s time to get on with our day.













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