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By Guest Columnist, Michael Ceremello – August 23, 2018 –

I am sorry but I have a major problem with attempting to workout at the gym only to be assaulted by soap operas on the myriad of big screen televisions in the establishment.  I guess the final straw was having them in the locker room.  Hard to get vibed up for a good workout with the negativity emanating from the dysfunctional continuous sexual interactions passing for reality which is in essence only lies and not lives.  Once again I will make a feeble attempt at writing for Dixon High grads.

Getting back to my musings, the soap opera of distractions, or should I say outright lies, continues unabated.  It appears that once again Michael Savage aka Weiner was exactly right about Trump hiring Rudy Giuliani as his attorney spokesman.  I listened to the dialogue between Rudy and Chuck Todd of Meet the Depressed as long as I could handle it.  Maybe I am missing the real motive behind Giuliani’s supposed faux pas (error) statements.

Could it be that the design is to just get the leftist Fake News media all in a tither just to watch them spin?  While I read other fake news sources which described Todd as “incredulous” over Rudy’s “truth” blurb, they failed to mention he took Todd to task over the ongoing and worthless Mueller “Russian collusion” investigation which has now changed to an attempt to find Trump guilty of “obstruction”.

This brings us to Trump’s removal of the security clearance for John Brennan, former CIA chief under Obama.  Points to be made: 1) Brennan is no longer in the government, 2) he has no need to see classified documents except to criticize the president by misinterpreting facts, 3) the one point no one has stated in relationship to Brennan voting for Communist candidate Gus Hall, only Brennan knew how he voted so obviously he was proud to have voted for an enemy of the US.

This isn’t a free speech issue as has been pointed out by numerous others.  Trump simply took away a resource not Brennan’s ability to fabricate reality.  As we, those of us whose heads aren’t buried in the sand, can easily see this whole show is about destroying the ability of a duly elected president to proceed with his agenda, one plank of which is to “drain the Swamp”.  Seems like the alligators don’t like their habitat being removed.

There is so much corruption already exposed that it is hard to keep a straight face while wondering why the feckless Jeff Sessions hasn’t taken action.  Mueller has exceeded his constitutional authority because the appointments clause was not followed which mandates Senate approval to allow him to function at this high of a level.  The FBI needs an overhaul at top levels and has only been partially purged of conspiratorial components such as Peter Strozk and Andrew McCabe.  Bruce Ohr and Rod Rosenstein are two additional bad apples.

As Trump is only walking a thin line on obstruction due to the fake news liberal agenda, he needs to do what the President has a right to do.  The Justice Department is under his control as it is part of the executive branch.  A mass firing will solve a lot of this turmoil.

Why should Trump be investigated for something which isn’t a crime in the first place, that is collusion?   How exactly do you “obstruct justice” in regard to something which isn’t a crime in the first place?  Seems rather odd to me.

For those of you who believe there should be an investigation, I would like your suggestion as to who should be doing the investigating. While I trust Devon Nunes, most reasonable people don’t want Republicans doing the work for the same reason we don’t trust Democrats to be non-partial and that is because they aren’t.

We aren’t interested in the truth, the lies are much more fun.  This nonsense should not be culminating in trials for tax evasion or whatever in order to get individuals to say what isn’t true just to get off.  How do you believe a guy like Robert Gates who was facing 100 years in jail when he turns on Paul Manafort to serve little or no time?

Have you ever read Arthur Miller’s The Crucible about the Salem witch hunt years?  Those wishing to get confessions would pile rocks on a person’s chest until he said what they wanted to hear.  One quote of Giles Corey, the only man “pressed to death” (for real) who wouldn’t give in which has stuck with me until today is “a fart on you I say”.  History does repeat itself …

So what is the solution to this federal soap opera?  The obvious is to identify those in power on all sides and remove them.  Do I expect them to go silently?  Hell no.  But we are talking about preserving the greatest country this world has ever seen.  Isn’t that worth listening to all the whining and protests?  These people are the enemy within so who cares what they think or say?


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