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Opinion by Samuel Strait – May 18, 2023

I recently made a visit , as I do occasionally, to the local Walmart
where I spent twenty minutes or so wandering the grocery aisles on my
weekly food run.  A quick trek to pharmacy for some first aid products,
then the adventure through the self check kiosk to settle up.  It was
only then that I think it dawned on me that I hadn’t seen a single mask
wearing hold out from three years of Covid indoctrination that had held
a good portion of the entire population of the world in a kind of
irrational thrall, almost frozen for some in the kind of hysterical fear
that was completely without merit.

With the passing of the mandates, face coverings, social distancing,
lock downs, and the coming of the “final solution”, mRNA gene therapy,
one would think that critical thinking , rational behavior, and reason
would return to at least the “adults” in the room.  It hasn’t.  For over
three years, thirty six months, during a “Pandemic”, our leadership,
Academia, Public Health, the Media, and large swaths of the Medical
establishment suspended reason and put in its place fear, hysteria, and
irrationality of the most unimaginable kind.  The travesty that occurred
for that period of time did not end and continues to this day.

While those of us who are at least paying attention, discovered that a
tiny invisible organism was allowed to dictate behavior for an extended
period of years to the entire world’s population with very little
opposition for what was largely a quickly made up response that ignored
existing science and actual expertise in favor of practices known not to
be effective and an untested gene therapy that was fraught with a decade
or more of known problems and issues.

What we now know about the previous three years calls into question the
very nature of the application of reason to that which is encountered
when fear and hysteria take over a population.  It disappears from even
the tool box of most of what constitutes our “expert” class.  Doctors,
Academics, Leadership, and the media have failed the population of the
world for far too long.  Masking even before the recent pandemic was a
failed approach, yet after nearly ninety studies confirming that masks
do not work against viruses, a few people, remain convinced that they
are protected.  Social distancing, and lock downs, as well a failure as
a preventative.  The scientific community can’t even, in spite of all
the testing, give an accurate number of those that were infected by
Covid due to the fact that the PCR test, the gold standard of testing,
is now said to be unable to distinguish Covid from a large number of
other viruses.

Then there is the mRNA “vaccines” of which we were first told would
prevent infection, then later would mitigate the symptoms and reduce the
possibility of death.  Then it was effective for six months, then four
months, then four to six weeks, and now it seems that other than some
“minor” improvement in outcome from the original version of the virus,
long gone, it has no effect what so ever, no matter how many boosters
are taken.  Then the other shoe has recently dropped where those that
were vaccinated are at risk for serious negatives  from a “vaccine” that
has no discernible benefit.

Most of this, for those that cared to emerge from their shells of
hysteria, was information available before the pandemic even existed as
a threat.  More recently, and even in the early stages of the
“Pandemic”, information was readily available, for the most part shouted
down by the virtuous, that would have made much of the past three years
unnecessary.  The damage done by the simple loss of reason is
immeasurable and will affect this Country for decades.

Once irrationality takes hold, the break down of society as a whole is
quick to follow.  This can easily be recognized in many of the societal
“wisdom’s” that have taken over and not only been pushed but forced
themselves on their communities.  Social justice, gender dysphoria,
homelessness, opioid epidemics, illegal immigration, reparations,
racism, and a host of other unsustainable behaviors have emerged to
capture the attention of the world.  Clearly the focus on what is
reasonable has been lost as this Country orgasms over the fantasies of
the insane asylum. If anyone, and I mean anyone dares to question even
the remotest possibility that pandering to all of societal ills
described above is unacceptable, may they have a suitable isolation
chamber handy, for the wrath of the loonies will descend upon them.

Tradition exists for a reason, and that is to have a functional society
without a manifestation of constant hatred and divisiveness.  Non
traditional activities within reason can be tolerated.  Those that are
not can quickly be weeded out.  We in this Country have a lot of weeding
to do.

2 thoughts on “The Death Of Reason”
  1. You have contributed yet another thought-provoking article Sam. Yes, masking has been de-bunked, and though it offers some psychological comfort to those wearing them, it provides little preventive medical value. Personally, I extend empathy to those with frail health who must guard against the multitude of diseases romping-about in our environment. Masking allowed such vulnerable people to mask-up and wear gloves without social stigma. I hope they took the time to learn that only N95 masks offer them a modest amount of true protection.

    We have yet another genetically modified viral Pandemic quickly approaching; Bird Flu. This time the casualty rate appears to be much higher; over 30% by all indications. This time our medical establishment is pointing to more than masking; they want tracking and surveillance. Bill Gates, a major proponent of vaccinations, now claims that contact tracing can be accomplished for just over $1 Billion; a drop in the bucket! The GPS on smart phones can alert the government of possible exposure to the new virus and merit either mandatory vaccination or isolation. This exact program was implemented in the People’s Republic of China a couple years back. Are we in for a new draconian measures in the not too distant future?

    1. Ah, the vaunted N95 mask. It’s effectiveness raises the protective barrier about 1 to 3% that is if the mask is worn less than about thirty minutes. In the mean time the bacterial trapping component of a N95 rises to about 30%, less than 5% for the good old paper or cloth mask. Not a lot of choice there, get sick from Covid or sick from bacteria. Hope they study up on the dangers of wearing a mask. As to the stigma of wearing a mask, unfortunately there are just as many people, now that the mandates have been removed, that snigger and miss behave towards those that are still wearing them as was in the case of those that refused to wear a mask. More evidence of the break down of Reason?

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