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By Guest Columnist, Michael Ceremello, former Vice Mayor/Councilman of the City of Dixon – February 3, 2016 –

I find it rather interesting to listen to the talk show pundits expound on the machinations behind the nomination races for both parties for the presidency. I also find there is a close affinity between the deception and manipulations on the national level and the exhortations coming out of the garbage dump which passes for a “journalistic” effort in our other home town paper owned by someone who could care less about Dixon and more about the tax write off he gets.

It is comical to hear Donald Trump whining like a stuck pig because of CNN’s claim that Ben Carson was getting out of the race. The claim was made during the actual caucus voting. Trump’s camp claimed it was Cruz’s minions who told voters to vote for Cruz if the claim was true. Are people actually that naive or stupid to believe anything which can not be directly verified? Evidently Trump called the people of Iowa “stupid”. As I have been saying that for years about the not so good citizens of Dixon who use the town as a place to sleep at night and not much more, it seems that if the shoe fits, my guess is you aren’t Cinderella …

That wasn’t the end of it though. As Marco Rubio was the beneficiary of Carson’s fourth place finish as much as Cruz winning first place, there is speculation that the RNC and the “establishment RINO” republicans might have also had a hand in this. All if fair in love and war, they say, and it appears politics is wedged somewhere in there also.

As Rand Paul, Rick Santorum, and Mike Huckaby have all exited the race, and as Krispy Kreme Christy, Jeb Bush, and John Kasich leave after New Hampshire’s and South Carolina’s primaries, the race will be down essentially to three anti-establishment types and Marco Rubio who has proven that he will give up his principles for bipartisanship. Rubio isn’t totally a wash but he is who the establishment will turn to rather than endorsing dead out TEA party conservatives or the two men who are not part of the political elite and actually can identify what is killing America.

On the other side of the aisle, we have the ruthless, shrill shrike harridan who didn’t like the fact that the old codger communist Bernie Sanders beat her in Iowa. Hillary Clinton, who should have been indicted long ago, came out on top by winning 6 “coin flips”, the odds of which are 64 to 1. Given that she is a proven liar, cheater, and not personally accountable for any aspect of her actions, “at this point, what does it matter”, the results were to be expected due to the influence of the DNC whose darling she is.

When Hillary gets trounced in New Hampshire, no amount of cheating less than burning ballots or hiding them in  he may run a Trump type campaign, funding it by himself. Joe Biden is also a possibility but has failed miserably in his attempts to get the nomination before he was made vice president. Martin O’Malley has ended his non-existent campaign but Hillary is so vulnerable that either Biden or Bloomberg may seize the opportunity.

My question would be what will this add to the spectrum of candidates on the Left. You have a self declared “democratic socialist” a.k.a. progressive, communist, or Marxist (you get to pick the term most palatable to yourself) and another Saul Alinsky trained hater of this country in Hillary. Bloomberg is the man who believes government should tell you what you can or can’t drink, he outlawed 32 ounce Big Gulps while in office in New York, and Joe Biden who would also carry on Barack “Insane” Obama’s failed policies for another four years. Pretty pathetic pickings if you ask me.

I understand that many young people have fallen for the deception of Sanders, his free lunch paid for by the “rich”.

While there was a like phenomenon with the libertarian philosophy of Ron Paul, libertarianism is based on personal

freedom not on stealing from others to get what you desire. I have heard Sanders wants to go back to the days of

Eisenhower where the top tax rate was in the 90% area. If you think this isn’t a disincentive to produce, why do you

think John F. Kennedy cut tax rates as did Ronald Reagan?

It seems we can’t just talk about issues, such as the economy, the invasion of Muslim jihadists, or other things that

impinge on us all. The fact of the matter is that Cruz isn’t ugly, unlikeable or any of the other things Trump claims

in order to denigrate Cruz and sway voters to his side. Trump can talk about what he will do, Cruz has done it on

the floor of the Senate. Rubio didn’t support Cruz as he should have at that time and he made the “gang of eight”

deal. Carson is an intelligent, respectful person but his quiet demeanor allows him to be ignored by the masses

looking at the carnival sideshow.

Now we come to the deception in Dixon. Perhaps the “beautiful people”, those involved in the political clubs such

as the Rotary, are enjoying the nonsense being passed off as “research” by Thom Bogue. I was planning on going

into detail about the train station and all of the “documentation” either hidden from Thom or ignored by him in his

latest attempt to abuse the Dixon Chapter of the Solano County Taxpayers Association. I will save that potentially

for next week unless the council continues to do stupid things which need further exposure.

I will say this. Bogue claims that the Dixon Chapter costs the taxpayers money. This is some gall coming from a

man who cast the tie breaking vote to more than double your water rates. Someone should ask Thom to “research”

where all of those extra dollars have gone. I have heard that there is $400,000 now in the city’s water enterprise

fund. Odd how the water system revenues were around $700 to $800 thousand before the takeover and doubling of

rates and now the city is saying there isn’t even an extra million in any part of the three funds which make up the

water fund. Conservation must have been pretty awesome during the drought. Yeah right …

I haven’t heard anything from the litter box about Jim Lindley’s four year $100,000 pay raise. I haven’t heard a

squeak from the rat who felt as I did that $120,000 per year was adequate compensation for this puppet of the mayor

as they raised his salary during Thom’s remaining two years in office after I left. Matter of fact, I don’t recall Thom

Bogue coming up with one suggestion for saving any one in this community a dime either before or after his term in


How about a commentary and some research on the “business unfriendly” atmosphere of city hall toward new businesses, Thom? The best you could muster during the agenda item on the timing clocks was you didn’t see any problem with it? There isn’t a problem spending $8,000 for an “overkill” system to alert the chair of a meeting who wants to speak? Spending $8,000 to stifle, intimidate, and annoy the public is reasonable to Thom just as was the spending of $200,000 of sewer fund money to sue Dixon’s own citizens who wanted a say in their government?

I wish Thom and his supporters, all five of them who told him they liked what he wrote, along with the not so beautiful dolts of Dixon, everything they deserve. Rather than attempting to divvy up the same small pie amongst the few who control everything, wouldn’t it be far better to have a bigger pie?

One final question: Is that pie on your face, Thom, or egg? …

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