Sun. May 19th, 2024


Like many others sitting in the audience at the Fairgrounds Tuesday night, February 4th, I’ve been proud to be a born and bred Californian.  Proud up to the point where now I’m a disillusioned Californian wondering if things will ever change for the better.

I can’t help noticing that the mind-set of our local governing bodies seems to be so punitive. Likewise the California legislature continues to pass laws that punish their citizens and while increasing the debt; continue to chase businesses out of our state because of so much red tape, added costs and taxes.

One good example was given by coordinator Mark Baird.  He is now required to add a $20,000 gizmo to his tractor because someone in Southern California said diesel tractors were fouling the air.  He’s not going to do it because we don’t have the same air quality problems as Southern California. By refusing, that makes him a criminal.

This is what appeals to me about creating the 51st state:  Having a part time legislature being paid a stipend.  Creating jobs by bringing back responsible logging and recognizing that the danger to the spotted owl was a hoax. Having new companies attracted to our region because most of the red tape and taxes will be eliminated or greatly reduced.  Creating jobs. Having representation which was effectively eliminated in 1965.

As I watched the audience; several people sat shaking their heads disagreeing with creating a new state; however the majority were hooting and clapping and whistling in agreement with pursuing their vision of liberty, freedom and representation.







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