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By Linda Sutter – February 19, 2022

Remember when former Chief Administrative Officer, Jay Sarina, was quoted as saying, Measure R funds will not be used for salaries and benefits? Let’s spend a little time on sales taxes with new news.

Had the advertising for both city and county included, “We plan to hire new employees and increase salaries with that money;” how many people still think those Measures would have passed? Just remember sales taxes go into the general fund. We’ve learned from the $25 million School Bond Citizen’s Oversight Committee’s (COC) are not run properly and do not look after taxpayer’s money. And isn’t it interesting that the Chair of the Republican Central Committee, Karen Sanders, is also on the COC for the School Bond money?

This receipt dated 2/15/22 came from a store in Antelope, California which is in the Sacramento area close to Roseville. If you notice the sales tax it rose 1/4 of a cent this year to 7.75%.

At the GOP Central Committee meeting held on this past Wednesday the 16th of February, City Council Member Jason Greenough defended why Measure R should be kept and not repealed. Mr. Greenough’s defense was, ”Why throw out the bath water before putting the baby in”.

That was rich considering the city utilized their sales tax to pay $12,000 for a mural of Japan. Isn’t it coincidental that both the City of Crescent City and Del Norte County governmental bodies raised sales taxes at the same time. Then increased salaries at the same time – January, 2022.

Yes our 8.5% sales tax is higher than Sacramento, but Henry Geiger a member of the GOP Central Committee stated, “ I looked it up on the internet and Sacramento pays 8.5%.”

Geiger goes on to boldly say that your petition is full of lies (referring to the Repeal of Measure R petition). Clearly the only lies Geiger experiences is what he projects. He says nothing about the lies and hypocrisy his Chair, Karen Sanders presents when she doesn’t allow public comment on the Agenda Item about the Repeal of Measure R. And that’s one of the reasons she’s being sued under the Writ of Mandate against the School Bond COC.

But as usual I have to demonstrate the evidence. You see folks I have strong ties in Sacramento. You can continue to doubt me all you want and I will continue to prove you otherwise. Right now, I don’t see much difference between the Del Norte Democratic Central Committee and the Del Norte Republican Central Committee.

County Clerk, Alissia Northrup, is currently in the process of verifying signatures of registered voters that signed the petition to repeal Measure R. They received 852 signatures. 416 are required to place it on the June, 2022 ballot. If you want to see smaller government but greater fiscal responsibility, repeal the 1% sales tax that is most likely going to be on the June 2022 ballot.

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