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Commentary by Samuel Strait – May 25, 2022

Most of us probably do not remember Proposition One from 2014, and you
might say just why is that important now?  Innocently titled “Water
Bond”, part of its $7.12 billion expenditure was to secure water storage
for the state’s growing population and subsequently the expected need
for more water to be available. Since that point in time there has been
zero effort on the part of two Democratic Governors or their
administrations to honor that part of the proposition.  In fact, water
storage under those administrations, particularly the current one, will
be declining yet again if the current plan to eliminate the dams on the
Klamath River remains on track for 2023.  Keeping in mind that $200
million of Prop 1 bond money is being used by the Hair Gel
administration to fund the removal.

We all are fully apprised of the dangers of “climate change”
hysterically referred to at nearly every solemn pronouncement of our
intellectually challenged governor, Gavin Newsom, and his latest plunge
into explaining away the prospect of a water less summer is no
exception.  With drought on his mind, and not the fact that trillions of
gallons of water flow unimpeded into the Pacific Ocean yearly, he
clearly sets forth his solution to the inevitable shortages that will
occur primarily in Democratic laden urban areas of the south part of the
State.  Are you listening Democrats?  His solutions, USE LESS WATER!

California’s attention to future water issues are not a novel thing,
existing long before “climate change” was even a reason to blame every
problem that California has on it.  It is just a convenient mask to
cover the fact that California leadership has not seriously addressed
the issue since the sixties when California’s population was half what
it is now.  You would think with the 2014 passage by a near 68% majority
that someone in Sacramento just might think that it was important enough
to do something about it.  Not so!  Instead, particularly with the
occupation of the statehouse by the empty suit, water storage capacity
largely resembles that of the 1960’s and the infrastructure is
admittedly a bit care worn.

So, in his latest pronouncements, Newsom naturally would claim to be
adding to the State’s water storage capacity and constructing new dams
and reservoirs.  Hah, had you there.  No. he is focused on water less
lawns and shorter showers.  Washing full loads of wash, using a broom to
clean the driveway, and taking showers instead of baths is the
governor’s message.  What’s next, only a half glass of water per
hydrating experience when you ingest your eight gallons of water per
day?  After all, the clown show must go on, and there is “climate change”.

Not that there is a speck of intelligence in Sacramento on the issue of
water shortage, it beggars the mind to think that Newsom will take any
of this seriously when it comes to his personal conservation efforts. 
Yet, threatening to take mandatory action should the various local water
district’s not step up to the plate is another of Newsom’s magic wand
waving moments.  Salt water desalinization in San Diego, dead on
arrival.  No new water storage since the seventies except in the form of
a solitary dam and reservoir.  Nothing since then, and there are people
in the State that still think Newsom is the cherry on top of the sundae?

Perhaps it will take browning lawns and the frustration of dry washing
your car to wake Democrats up to the fact that it is the State’s
policies that are causing water shortages, electrical black outs,
inflation, high gas prices, an explosion of criminal activity, over
whelming illegal immigration, and dozens of other issues in the State. 
Newsom is at the fore front of this insanity,  Water will continue to
plague Californians until this governor is removed and the order in the
State Assembly turns away from the Liberal/Progressive mind set.  These
are policies best left for the “dreamers” and do not work in the real
world.  The sooner Californians understand that very basic dictum, the
sooner your lawn will be green again….

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