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By Jill Jennings-McElheney, Envirovictim
Water Poisoned During Two Pregnancies – October 30, 2016 – Dear Ms. Tiemann:

You are a federal government source that has influenced my elected Senator’s inaction to halt harm on water fluoridation.

In spite of the knowledge the federal government & senior level agency heads now possess, both have refused to remove Americans from harm’s way of this known environmental health hazard.  Neither has taken the initiative to warn primacy states and local water utilities of the endangerment of vulnerable subpopulations.

Like Flint’s catastrophic inaction, we are seeing a severing of conscience of federal, state and local players to forfeit protection of pregnant women, infants, developing children, environmental justice communities, and already suffering envirovictims.

The federal government’s antiquated playbook on water fluoridation promotes this unethical program while claiming all liability is held by the state & local pushers.   The multi agency federal panel recommendation published in the Federal Register in MAY 2015 called for a national expansion to expose all Americans on municipal water to fluoride infused pollution.

On a note of confession, some federal agents serving in public health have conceded they continue the farce that whole body fluoridation by exposure from drinking water is needed to prevent dental caries because of third party backlash from profiteers.

Fluoride pollution deliberately infused into drinking water supplies is a neurotoxin, endocrine disruptor & carcinogen.  Americans continue to be forced to consume these toxicological agents being subjects of experimentation without consent.  This pharmacological experiment not only poisons dwindling water supplies with fluoride pollution, but is deceitfully being promoted by the federal agencies as pharmaceutical grade quality.   This ongoing seventy year experimentation has proven to have greater risks than benefits across the human life span with no official disclosure to the citizenry through public health resources.

I want to ask have you been influenced at all by the extensive email communications that I have provided to you in 2016?

Wikileaks published water fluoridation documents authored by you.  They have been reviewed around the world.

Please read this written two days ago by John Pilger:

This propaganda machine described by Pilger is the same one that jump started water fluoridation decades ago.

Please let me know if you can be instrumental at this time in writing a statement calling for the ethical end to water fluoridation.

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