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By Guest Columnist, Michael Ceremello – October 26, 2017 –

I have two subjects for you today.  The first is about the continuing failure of American journalism, the reporting of “fake news”, and the piranha approach of Holly-weird actresses attempting to gain some limelight.  My second subject will only peripherally address the legalization of marijuana while concentrating on the fact that governments at all levels refuse to listen to the public who put them in office.

George H. W. Bush has apologized again through a spokesman after an actress accused the former president of sexually assaulting her while they posed for a photograph four years ago.

At age 93, President Bush has been confined to a wheelchair for roughly five years, so his arm falls on the lower waist of people with whom he takes pictures,” read a statement from Bush’s office on Wednesday.

Heather Lind, who stars in AMC’s TURN: Washington’s Spies, wrote on Tuesday in a now-deleted Instagram post that she was standing next to the former president when he “touched me from behind from his wheelchair with his wife Barbara [Bush] by his side.”

 Lind also alleges Bush told her a “dirty joke.”   Source: People — Alexia Fernandez – Posted on Yahoo News.

Excuse me.  It seems to me, a professed novice at recognizing “sexual assault”, that actual sexual assault or battery would necessitate some sort of actual contact with the complainant’s genitalia.  Assuming that Bush did not leap out of his wheelchair in front of his wife and others nor put his hand up the woman’s dress, any reasonable person would conclude that at worst this is a case of unsolicited touching rather than groping.

Really, the dude is 93.  He has been in a wheelchair for five years and this woman, (I will not use any derogatory term although I am tempted) takes four years to come forward with a complaint?  Gee, I wonder why and why now?

I must presume that most of us who have watched Westerns know the term “vigilante justice”.  You get a crowd all worked up and they lynch someone whom they have a grudge against.  Doesn’t make a difference if he or she is guilty or innocent.  Justice must be had.

We have real cases of sexual assault, such as Bill Clinton’s White House foray.  We have allegations of Harvey Weinstein acting weird, demanding sex, and using the casting couch we all know exists in Holly-weird.  We know of sexual harassment in the workplace.  We are witnessing the crescendo from the crying snowflakes accompanied by the “piling on” of those desiring their 15 minutes of fame.  Heather Lind?  Never heard of her and probably won’t again.

The blatant hypocrisy of the situation is what amuses me while also giving me consternation.  We seem to have no problem accepting Sharia law because it is “religion”, yet we now have a problem with a man touching a woman’s behind?  Guess American women wouldn’t like it in Italy where men routinely pinch pretty women’s bottoms.  Yet some go there and are disappointed when it doesn’t happen.

Our society has collapsed with the replacement of the family and church by liberal government attempting to do social engineering to create a perfect society.  People are people and few have the ability to resist power which corrupts absolutely.  We also now have these same people redefining the English language.  Pretty soon “sexual assault” will mean looking at a woman if she objects.

We have empowered women.  We have empowered races other than European.  What is the result?

We have revenge.  Blacks, browns, and guilt laden whites attempting to mentally if not physically enslave whites.  Man hating (misanthropic) women getting their revenge against men who don’t give them what they want or perhaps just for sport.  Attacks on Christianity because those churches are paternal and run by white guys.

So where are we going with all of this?  What man who has anything of value will even interact with females because who knows when they will turn on him?  Kind of destroys the normal male role of making the first move.  Without trust, how do you build a relationship?

Remember that old cigarette slogan?  You’ve come a long way, baby!

Maybe you have but it sure isn’t positive …

* * * * *

If you have any doubt that government at all levels doesn’t view the public as their cash cow to be milked at every turn, I suggest you get the materials presented on Monday and Tuesday to the planning commission and city council on the subject of marijuana dispensaries, both medical and recreational.  If you believe we have a free market system for any product, you are delusional.  In the case of marijuana, most view its regulation similar to alcohol or prescription drugs but it is actually closer to tobacco with its “sin tax” package of fees and onerous taxes.

I thought the push for legalization was to make this stuff so cheap it would run drug dealers out of the market.  Evidently, those in elected office never got that memo.  You have now given those who stole or robbed to support their habit, no valid reason to purchase the legal substance.  I am sure your local pusher would thank you.

As I pointed out when I spoke, medical marijuana has been legal for almost 20 years now in California.  Other than Vallejo, no other city in Solano County has a medical marijuana dispensary and most governments have banned these facilities.  What makes it any different now that recreational has been added to the mix?  Those in government know that the dollars they can rake in for doing nothing are now substantially larger.  It’s all about the Benjamins … as in Franklins.

I will not go after any individual councilman, especially the one who I will be running against this next year, but it was quite obvious that only the libertarian of the group was accepting of the concept without considering the coin.  It is interesting that even cops will sell their souls rather than stand on principle.  Prostitution comes in all sizes and forms.

How exactly did we get to this point?  When did citizens say “punish us for doing something you don’t approve of?”  I point to the cigarette tax to show the failure of government to do anything other than raise costs.  Do you really see people not smoking any more?  What about the programs these enormous taxes were supposed to provide?  Just how successful have they been?  About as successful as your local school is in educating Johnny?

There are better things to do with your time than smoking dope, drinking beer, or imbibing wine.  What do we see?  I see the explosion of breweries and wineries in California.  I am sure “grow centers” will be the next big boon.  Somehow all of this is only slightly above touting the gambling industry as an industry.  It isn’t entertainment, it is vice.

Am I saying that we shouldn’t drink, smoke or gamble?  No.  All I am saying is that none of these should be a vehicle to ever larger government and its control over our lives.  If I want, I should be able to grow my own and convert it to whatever end product I like without someone who adds nothing of value increasing my costs of production.

There was some nonsense put out about how there is a need for additional police to “make sure no one is dispensing something other than what is permitted”.  Considering the fact that law enforcement has done such a marvelous job of preventing marijuana distribution and intake while it was illegal, I can’t fathom how adding additional police will change anything.  For those of you who don’t believe me when I say “the youth of Dixon can already get marijuana whenever they want it” should listen to the young high school woman who spoke in favor of “regulation” because she encountered “laced” goods.

I guess to summarize all of this I can only say that the call for limited government or shrinking the size of what we have is a daunting task our current council neither understands nor endorses.  The bottom line, as I see it, is those in government are now encouraging our addictions to further pilfer our income to continue their wasteful ways.

Just as with the upcoming sales tax proposal, being pushed as a way to “fix our streets”, those at the trough don’t use logic or common sense in tossing your dollars to the wind.  They figure they can always get more.

And you let them …

2 thoughts on “The Failure of America”
  1. Vicki, you are quite incorrect, both about me and where I get my information as well as your obvious bias toward all things liberal.

    As with most on the Left, you are willing to dismiss the egregious acts of one of “YOUR” presidents while focusing on babble about the opposition party’s current occupant of the White House. By the way, I would point out that Bill Clinton didn’t talk about groping women and what he could get away with, he molested an intern with a cigar as well as having oral sex with her which he attempted to redefine “as not really sex”.

    Please provide us all with “proof” of your allegations against Trump, either from Snopes or any reliable source. Do you really think if it was factual, your Leftist lame stream media wouldn’t have been non-stop in broadcasting it.

    Let’s talk about fake news for a second. You mean the fake news about Russian collusion and interference in our last election? To quote one of your heroes, “at this point what does it really matter?”

    I would also like to educate you about the Republican party and my opinion on them. It is controlled by the “establishment” which is equally as corrupt but not quite as far Left as the Democrat Communist Socialist party. Their lame attempts at ridding us of Obamacare and going back to free market solutions as well as this joke of a tax cut plan are just two examples of the Failure in America.

    I don’t know what Yahoo political articles still have a comments section as my Yahoo email source of “nothing Trump does is right” seems to have eliminated the ability to respond to their horse shit journalism several months ago. Perhaps they only take commentary from true believers at this point. Speaking of which, you are needed in Berkeley to join the Anti-fa group who believe only their speech is free.

    Sorry to burst your bubble, Snowflake, but I call them as I see them no matter who is in office. As John Stossel would say, “give me a break”. Keep your liberal blinders on. It is so much easier than dealing with reality.

  2. Let me quess. You watch Fox News and Sean Hannity and don’t believe that our president assaulted anyone. I noticed you mentioned Bill Clinton instead of our current groper-in-chief. And the word ‘snowflake’ is pretty telling. Your thoughts in this article can be read all day long in the Yahoo comments section of their political articles, whether fake or not. You are a perfect example of what’s wrong with America. Yes, I agree, there is fake news out there, but judging by some of the things you say in your articles, YOU are the one believing it. Check out since you obviously are having difficulty telling what’s fake and what’s not.

    You really need to get off your far-right pulpit and give everyone a break. Go back to perusing Breitbart, shed a tear over how unfair it was of Fox to fire Bill O., and pinch someone’s back side at Walmart….you’ll feel so much better!

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