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By Assemblyman Kevin Kiley – February 12, 2022

A new Assembly bill would make all California employers force their workers to get vaccinated. The fanatics at our Capitol need to give it a rest.

This latest affront joins SB 871, which mandates the vaccine for kindergarten and up, and SB 866, which removes parent consent. I’ll fight these bills every way I can.

In LA, the Sheriff is declining to fire 4,000 deputies over their medical decisions. So now the Board of Supervisors is removing his authority over personnel. I’m introducing legislation to protect this authority for sheriffs and other elected officers.

In my county, the Roseville High School District just unanimously voted to make masks optional for students starting Tuesday. Statewide, 150 school board members have signed the letter opposing mandates that I gave to legislators.

While our vote to end the emergency didn’t pass, it served its purpose: widespread media coverage highlighted the absurdity of it all. And Newsom’s inflammatory attack on me and James Gallagher backfired. We responded in an official statement:

The Governor’s statement that ending the emergency is equivalent to letting ‘Californians die’ is the same fear mongering we have come to expect from him. If we can host the Super Bowl with 70,000 fans we are no longer in a State of Emergency.

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