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By Assemblyman Kevin Kiley – August 3, 2022

A court has struck down San Francisco’s law allowing non-citizens to vote. Voting, the judge explained, is a right reserved for U.S. citizens. It’s amazing this needed to be said.

Hopefully this glimmer of sanity is an auspicious sign, as much will be decided this month. The Legislature has 1,250 bills to deal with before adjourning on August 30. It will be my final month at the State Capitol.
Two terrible bills have already passed to start the month: one would open legal drug injection centers in our cities. The other aims to remove parents from school board meetings for voicing dissent.
While we’ve killed the very worst of the radical COVID bills, several await final votes:

  • SB 866: eliminates parental consent for 15-year-olds to get the vaccine
  • SB 1479: turns schools into state-run COVID testing agencies
  • AB 1797: reduces privacy for the Immunization Record Database
  • AB 2098: punishes doctors for sharing COVID “misinformation”
  • SB 1018: furthers censorship of health information on social media

Meanwhile, the spread of California’s insanity to Washington continues. The so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” will actually increase inflation, and Congress is trying to raise taxes during a recession – as Biden comically denies it’s a recession at all.

Stopping the spread of California insanity will be the topic of my speech at CPAC this Saturday. In short: California is not a “model for the nation.” It is a warning to the nation.
Help me get to D.C. to sound the warning
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