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By Donna Westfall – Credit to – February 5, 2019 – If you’re sick and tired of the same politicians playing games with our tax dollars and amassing incredible power being in Congress term after term after term, express your support for TERM LIMITS.

Why Feb 27th?
Feb. 27 commemorates the ratification of the 22nd Amendment in 1951 which imposed term limits on the president of the United States (that’s 68 years ago!). If term limits are good enough for the president, they’re good enough for Congress!

With a renewed push to impose term limits on the U.S. Congress, a new national day has emerged from the term limits movement. The idea is simple enough. On February 27 each year, everyone is encouraged to make a show of public support for term limits.

This can be as simple as posting a term limits sign in your yard or wearing a term limits t-shirt or hat on term limits day, February 27. We’ll be facebooking, tweeting, and promoting videos on social media using the hashtag #TermLimitsDay to send a message to remind our Federal and State representatives that the masses support term limits. Remind the politicians that our support is not passive. We expect action from our representatives and we EXPECT IT NOW.

Here are some ideas for February 27 Term Limit Day activism that were suggested by activists during the discussions leading up to the Term Limits Day announcement:

  • Post a pro-TL sign in your yard. You can make one of your own, get one from your U.S. Term Limits state coordinator or purchase one from the “store” at This is likely going to be the standard Term Limits Day activity.
  • Hang a pro-term limits banner over a busy overpass. Maybe “Happy term limits day – Feb. 27,” or “Term limit Congress!” Use your imagination!
  • Organize a sign-waving at a busy intersection. Grab a couple friends and make some homemade signs – “Honk if you love term limits” — and enjoy the public support you’ll hear from passers-by. Help drivers get in the spirit of the holiday.
  • Use Term Limits Day as your annual reminder to contact your representatives on this issue. Go to and use the online tool. This takes no more than five minutes to contact both your federal senators and U.S. House rep. Wish them a “Happy Term Limits Day!” and remind them you favor a Congressional term limits amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
  • Take a selfie holding a “Happy Term Limits Day!” sign and post on your social media. Send an email to all your friends wishing them a Happy Term Limits day and suggesting they sign the citizens online petition for Congressional term limits at And don’t forget to apply the Term Limit Congress frame to your profile picture on facebook. Be sure to use the hashtag #TermLimitsDay.

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