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By Dr. Paul Connett – Executive Director, Fluoride Action Network – December 27, 2021

As the evidence for fluoride’s neurotoxicity gets stronger and stronger, those who are determined to protect the outdated practice of water fluoridation at all costs (which includes the mental well-being of the next generation) are most scared of one thing. That is the establishment of a very clear relationship between the severity of dental fluorosis (usually classified as very mild, mild, moderate, or severe), which they have never denied is caused by exposure to fluoride during the development of child’s permanent teeth, and the loss of a specific number of IQ points. This relationship is especially important for the fluorosis on the early front teeth, which are caused during the earliest months of life, the period in which damage to the brain appears to be most severe.

With millions of children being impacted by dental fluorosis in the USA and other fluoridated countries, such a finding would horrify millions of parents as they connect the dots. Of course fluoridation promoters will argue that there are several other sources of fluoride other than fluoridated tap water, but most authorities (including the US EPA) have accepted that fluoridated water is the major source. Even so, this must also worry the giant toothpaste manufacturers.

A number of IQ studies have indeed probed this and it is only a matter of time before scientists quantify this relationship.  Meanwhile, FAN will continue to track, analyze, and share all IQ studies in 2022, and will continue to give a voice to those who have been harmed by fluoride and fluoridation in the US and around the world.

One thought on “The Fluoridation Lobby’s worst nightmare”
  1. If this publication is “Reporting Accurately, Fairly, and Honestly”, then why is it publishing antifluoridationist nonsense from Paul Connett? What’s next, antivaxxer junk from his affiliates?

    Steven D. Slott, DDS

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