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Commentary By Samuel Strait – February 8, 2023

While lack of trust in any form of government was a consistent theme of
populations through out human history, never before was a governing
document composed with an over riding distrust of government in general
as that of the original Constitution of the United States of America. 
Our founders penned the document that was to provide the guiding
principals for governance in this Country for the past two hundred and
nearly fifty years.  It included not only guidance for the formation of
government, but also provided for mechanisms should government betray
those guiding principals.

Historically there have been times when citizens of this Country have
felt that those principals have been violated and ignored by those that
represent their constituents and governing bodies were called to task
during elections.  Yet, the guiding principals of smaller, less
intrusive government have long since faded into the mists of time.  Our
current governing bodies at all levels have become the dysfunctional
monsters that the founders feared would result from the unchecked
governing of this Country.    We now have the monster that our founders
warned us about, far more than the essentials for the benefit of the

The government at all levels is directly responsible for the gross level
of inflation we are now experiencing.  A growing government requires a
growing level of funding, which regularly outstrips the taxing needed to
pay for such growth.   More government requires more taxes or borrowing,
neither of which is a benefit to those paying the bills.  At our local
level we have seen an explosion of growth in local government which we
can neither afford nor continue.  The recent policies of federal, state
and local governments have destroyed our economy which has yet to
recover.  Policies that forced working Americans to sit at home for
nearly three years, have devastated small business and created a work
force that is reluctant to return to work.  In the meantime our local
government which did not suffer from the privation of no work, no pay,
has escalated the burden of increased taxation with no real added value
to the community they are meant to serve.   Quite the contrary they have
become the problem.

Representative governing has become beholden to those government
employees in growing numbers who no longer benefit those they are hired
to benefit.  Most of the citizenry barely recognize what it is that is
being done to insure the health, wealth, and continuing prosperity that
was at the core of what the Constitution was meant to be all about.  
Government now intrudes where it was never meant to intrude, for the
most part making American lives more difficult not easier.  It is found
in our local City, and County governments.  It is found in our State
government.  And it is especially so in our Country’s government.  They
have become what the founders most feared, the PROBLEM!

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