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By Samuel Strait, Reporter at Large – April 13, 2021

After yesterday’s romp through just a few of the questions that the
“experts” should have to answer about Covid-19 and PCR testing, our
nation’s four million dollar man gave his regarding what happens after
you get vaccinated.  According to Dr. Anthony Fauci while interviewed on
MSNBC and the current administration’s four million dollar “expert” on
all things Covid, nothing is to change.  Masking, social distancing,
hand washing, and no nonessential travel from home is to continue. 
Fauci went on to say that non essential businesses are to remain closed,
and absolutely no indoor dining or drinking is to be permitted,
vaccinated or not.

This comes at a time where the nation’s CDC announced that vaccinated
people are able to return to many “normal” activities such as travel on
airlines and eating and drinking indoors sans mask and distancing.  So,
whats up?  Who are we to believe?  For a bit over a year now we continue
to get mixed messaging from all of the “experts” that we are supposed to
trust.  Still, this kind of tug and pull leaves many questioning more
and more the need to follow anything that we are being told.  Can we
even trust the numbers being reported in the Main Stream Media, by
Public Health, or even our political leadership?  Can we trust the many
Medical talking heads that assure us that they have the answers? 
Vaccines work, testing is accurate, the numbers are honest, what are we
to believe?

Michigan, a State where the mandates continue unabated has had a surge
of Covid related incidents.  Texas and Florida, states which have for
the most part done away with mandates, are hardly being affected and are
experiencing a decline of Covid reported infections.  Here locally in
Del Norte County the public health officer is reporting a surge in
positive tests, yet no recent deaths or a surge of hospitalizations.  We
continue to be threatened with return to “purple” status which would
close us down again.  Not that we have been open much in the last year.

So where exactly has this “great threat to mankind” gotten us, It seems
to have crushed several local businesses, something we can ill afford. 
It has wasted over one calendar year of education in this County, not
that it was great before the Pandemic.  It has all the appearance of a
typical flu year with a similar death toll and hospitalization number. 
Influenza and the Common Cold have disappeared, that is if the numbers
are to be believed.  We are told that is because of the masking, except
why hasn’t it had the same effect on Covid-19?

The bottom line is that it hasn’t done the citizens of this Country a
whole lot of good, nor has it made them feel very safe.   It has had the
effect of making a few select companies and people very rich!  It has
given those that seek power a vehicle to have power in excess.  With the
Country in this current state it will be hard to return to normal even
if it was possible to vaccinate the entire world.  I suspect Dr. Fauci
would have something to say about that.  Until enough people have the
desire to return to normal, as J says, last spring’s fifteen weeks will
turn into fifteen years.

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