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By Angry Old American

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All eyes of the Democrat establishment were on California during the September 14th Special Recall of Governor Gavin Newsom. The stakes were very high because a successful recall of the Blue State Golden Boy would portent gloom for every Marxist politician involved in draconian Covid Mandates. That was the reason that all the big names stumped for the Gavinator, including Biden, Harris, and Obama.

A very important new Democrat voting tactic was unveiled during the California Gubernatorial Recall Election; “Print at Home Ballots! Mail-in ballots were fraud-laden enough, but this time the cheaters needed extra magic. During the 2020 General Election, forensic auditors have claimed that ballots from unregistered voters, non-existent addresses and unqualified persons were epidemic, with ballots sent from vacant lots and commercial buildings, from non-residents, dead people, incarcerated felons, illegal aliens, and multiple votes from multiple jurisdictions. There were also ballots scanned multiple times by poll workers, and votes changed by ballot adjudicators. These fraudulent ballots and practices tipped the scales to a Biden-Harris win, and what Marxists call “Democracy.” The potential for shenanigans from Mail-In Ballots pales in comparison to the Free-for-All fraud-fest that Print-at-Home-Ballots will offer. If the voters of California will accept such a maligned system of voting; then perhaps the same can be done Nationally during the 2022 general elections!

Many publications claimed that a Newsom victory in California would give a green-light to the Biden-Administration’s Covid Mandates. We can expect things to get much much worse, especially those who resist vaccination. The object of this article is to examine many of the challenges facing us all in coming months, and years.

There are many readers who say “What’s the big deal?” We have all kinds of vaccines, and what is the problem with this one; it saves lives!” Being unvaccinated, and planning to remain so; I will present the case of the Devil’s advocate.

Every person has their own reasons not to be vaccinated. Perhaps they have had allergic reactions to vaccines in the past. Others may refuse to be vaccinated on religious or philosophical grounds. I, on the other hand, do not trust either the medical establishment, big-pharma, and my very own government.

Why my lack of trust in the medical establishment? Dr. Anthony Fauci has been the foremost orchestrator of Covid policy in the United States from the very beginning. If you dispute my words, simply view his addresses, testimony and sage advice to the public in video recordings on the internet. What bothers me is Fauci’s lack of candor.

Some of you might remember that Covid originated in Wuhan China. It seems that while basking in the glory of being America’s #1 authority in viral spread, that Dr. Fauci might have mentioned:

“Gee folks, it just so happens that over a year ago I helped fund a virology research laboratory in Wuhan China. Maybe this new virus has some relation to that facility.”

Nope! Instead, Dr. Fauci supported the World Health Organization’s (WHO) stance that there should not be any travel restrictions to or from China. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) shut down all flights within China; but continued flights to the USA and other countries. Remember the stance of Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Party? Restricting flights to the USA from China on the part of President Trump was “Xenophobic Racism!”

Then, when it came out that Covid-19 probably was a bat-virus caught in a “Wuhan Wet Market;” Fauci might have said:

“Gee, that’s a coincidence; it just so happens that the funding I supported in the Wuhan Institute of Virology involved a bat-virus!”

Not a peep! Instead, Dr. Fauci claimed that ordinary hospital masks and face coverings would do no good for the general public, and that N-95 masks should be gathered up for medical use only. N-95 masks were almost exclusively produced in China, and the costs of these masks exploded in price by 20 times the normal price; assuming they could be had at all. We later found out that fake N-95 masks were being manufactured and shipped from China by the boat-load.

It was at this time that “Ventilators” became the only obvious hope for those infected with Covid-19. Forget about Hydroxy-chloroquine, which is safe, costs pennies per dose; but doesn’t put a dime in Big-pharma’s pockets, much less the major health providers. Hydro-chloroquine was “Trump Misinformation!” WE NEED MORE VENTILATORS! The average cost to treat patients with ventilators as compared to other traditional in-hospital methods is five times higher. So, who cares if ventilators and intubation cause irreparable lung damage, a host of side-effects, and can often lead to the death of patients; ventilators SAVE LIVES! 

Ventilators became such a good thing that we mass produced and distributed them throughout the USA and the entire world. Much of this was done, you guessed it, with our tax dollars.

That’s also when face covering masks had magically transformed into life-sustaining equipment. Other miracle preventive practices included six feet of social distancing, and massive business closures of Mom and Pop stores. Large “Big Box” franchises were not policed because they possessed special magic.

Then, when there were insinuations that Covid-19 might have originated from the Wuhan Laboratory of Virology Research, did Dr. Fauci say:

“Ya know folks, this is a real coincidence; it just so happens that my colleagues and I were studying at the Wuhan Laboratory of Virology Research how to make bat-viruses more transmissible to humans. I wonder if there might just be some relation to Covid-19.”

But NO, Fauci claimed that there was nothing to indicate that Covid-19 was anything but a naturally occurring virus! CNN and the entire choir of Mainstream Media lap-dogs howled that this Chinese Lab information was pure “Conspiracy Theory!” Google, Facebook and Twitter, the Axis of Evil, made sure that any of these “Fake News Reports” were censored from public view.

Then, just weeks ago, Dr. Fauci was called in before Congress to testify about his relationship with the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which is run by the People’s Liberation Army of China. Dr. Anthony Fauci admitted that he had supported the use of National Institute of Health (NIH) funds for research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. When questioned by Representative Rand Paul, a retired medical doctor, Fauci denied that the research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology was for “Gain of Function Research;” bio-weapon research that is illegal in the United States. However, Fauci admitted that the Wuhan research funded by the NIH was related to enhancing the transmissibility of bat viruses to humans. Dr. Paul pressed the issue “How is this not Gain for Function Research?” Fauci’s reply “Representative Paul, you do not know what you are talking about!” Indeed he did not. The Center for Disease Control had conveniently “redefined” Gain for Function Research. Slippery, slimy, greasy Fauci was not charged with lying to Congress!

Reasons to vaccinate, or not to vaccinate aside, we are all in for a world of hurt.

First, let’s explore the circumstances that act as a backdrop for the upcoming drama. Since the Inauguration of our Pretender in Chief, Joe Biden, what is left of the US economy has been declared healthy. People are encouraged to go back to work, but business owners and manufacturers face a severe labor shortage. We have been facing both a production and shipping crises during the past few months that has crippled our “Just-In-Time” manufacturing supply chain, and subsequent deliveries to consumers. We have had just over 90 days since the massive cargo ship Evergiven blocked the Suez Canal for over a week. Ninety days is the average turn-around for an international order to be processed and shipped to a distributor’s warehouse. We have already seen shelves starting to thin, and prices beginning to increase.

Since the temporary closure of the Suez Canal, we have had a variety of cyber-attacks that hit utilities, corporations and shipping. One of these cyber attacks closed the key Port of Cape Town in South Africa. Along with a shipping container shortage, there has been a massive increase in ocean cargo costs of 500% to 1,000%.

There was also the impact of the new “Delta Variant” of Covid that subsequently closed many manufacturers and ports in China and elsewhere.

The United States has a critical shortage of truckers to carry materials and produce to manufacturers and processors, and then on to packagers. wholesalers and retail outlets. The most acute shortage of truckers is of those rated to carry liquid fuels.

As if the supply chain problem were not enough, the United States Federal Government will run out of money in October of 2021; if not sooner. The Debt Ceiling was extended by Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen by liquidating Federal funds held in prudent reserve. Most of that prudent reserve has been squeezed dry. Yellen can still raid Medicare and Social Security assets to keep the rest of the Federal Government afloat; but this would require cuts or elimination of benefits for recipients. In October, if Congress does not raise the Federal Debt ceiling, then the United States will go into default. If this were to happen, the US Dollar would rapidly become totally worthless. Even if the Debt Ceiling is raised, there will still be repercussions on US and International Financial Markets and the gradual erosion in the value of the US Dollar.

Of course, there are other small issues that confront us peons during this big bright beautiful Biden Administration. Weekly Federal unemployment Covid enhancement checks ended a couple weeks ago. We also have 750,000 families facing eviction. They will join the 800,000+ homeless already living on the streets, tens of thousands of felons released from jails and prisons, another 1,000,000+ “undocumented citizens” pouring across the borders and another 100,000+ vetted and unvetted Afghans airlifted after Biden’s Surrender.

Oh yes, let us not forget Afghanistan. China has moved into Bagram Air Base two weeks after our military departure. The Taliban are making quick work of remaining US Citizens and our Afghan allies after our State Department provided them a list of all their names. Taliban Murder-Squads are searching house-to-house in order to butcher those abandoned along with Afghanistan’s small Christian minority. Some of the estimated $86 billion worth of US Military equipment left behind is making its way into Iran to be reverse-engineered or forwarded to their Russian and Chinese allies. Taliban volunteers are now studying in Iran to operate armed combat drones. International terrorism has never had it any better.

Our Congress was conveniently on Recess, playing on the monkey-bars, during the Afghanistan debacle. Upon return, their highest priority, while the Treasury raids Medicare and Social Security to keep the bills paid, is for Congress to pass trillions of dollars of new special interest and crony corporate spending bills. Thanks to Biden wrangling, the Afghan refugees and “undocumented citizens” pouring across the Southern Border have become “Infrastructure,” and will qualify for assistance from Congress’ multi trillion dollar Infrastructure Bill.

Of course, the Congress also has the “January 6th Commission” to stop those dangerous “Patriot Extremists” that caused all the world’s ills in the first place. The average soldier in the field may have low morale, but the Pentagon is full-tilt Bidenista Gung-Ho! We recently got an indication about the loyalty of our Joint Chiefs of Staff. An expose about General Milley claimed he assured his Counterpart in China, General Li, that he would inform him personally should the US ever choose an act of aggression against China. Gee, I always thought that was defined as “High-Treason.”

There are many more bright and beautiful things to report here in Bidenistan, but it is time to get into the meat of this story.

Considering the former issues as the immediate challenge to America; would a wise, prudent and sane leader choose to initiate draconian vaccine mandates at a time like this? One need only look at the massive street demonstrations and revolts in Europe and the United Kingdom to understand the implications of such a move. But, here we are, looking at even stricter mandates and vaccine passports.

As of September 16th, 2021, the CDC reports that at least 63% of Americans have received at least one vaccine shot, and 54.2% are fully vaccinated. A recent Washington Post and NBC poll found that 72% of those who are not vaccinated will quit their jobs if “the poke” became mandatory, and only 18% would comply. Considering the already tight labor market, do you think this could remove a sizable proportion of those employees who are still working? If so, what will this do to the already crippled supply chain? What impact will these mandates have on availability of goods at our markets, and the cost of goods?

We have already seen many routine procedures cease at hospitals and clinics due to a shortage of staff. Entire police forces are walking off the job because of vaccine mandates. What impact these walkouts have on all emergency services? Will there even be anybody to take our 911 calls?  Will we see additional walkouts in sectors that maintain our electrical grid, water treatment, transportation and communications systems?

Newsom’s victory on September 14th will impact more that those of us that live in California. Would it be wise to prepare for the inevitable?

This is National Preparedness Month. The timing could not be better. For those who already followed Homeland Security and FEMA recommendations for emergency preparedness, thank your God-above for giving you the foresight to be ready. Everyone who ignored FEMA warnings; the time to “Prepare” is BEFORE AN EMERGENCY!” It is impossible to prepare during or after a disaster. You snooze, you lose!

A final thought for Christians who may be torn about helping the unprepared in a National Emergency.

First, it is practical and laudable to assist the unprepared in a local disaster. Depending on your resources, it might even be possible to do some small acts of kindness during a regional emergency. However, a National Disaster is a whole different issue. Local and Regional emergencies will likely have outside assistance. During National Emergencies, we will all be on our own. Study long-term Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) preparedness recommendations and act accordingly.

The time is now to prioritize the people who are likely to approach you for help. A common family cannot feed their entire neighborhood. Select family, friends and neighbors that might merit a one-time “Hand-Up” kit to help them survive. This would depend upon their moral character and strength of spirit. After all, the lack of preparedness is a tell-tale sign of imprudence at best, and at worst reckless-abandon. This “Hand-Up” kit could contain a survival manual, a couple day’s rations of food, water purification, a tarp, blanket, fire making equipment and other camping gear. Never give such kits to strangers unless you want a long line down the street of people demanding more, More, MORE!

Remember the bare shelves when the Pandemic was first declared? That was nothing compared to what is coming.

Be prepared!

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  1. There is a new book just published that may be of interest to readers: “Shutdown, How Covid Shook the World’s Economy” by Adam Tooze. The Sunday NY Times (9/19) has a review by former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin (1995-1999) about this book at

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