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By Angry Old American

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The God of this World really likes Joe Biden a whole bunch. Since the God of this World commands the Financial, Intelligence, Military, Political, Media, and Pop-Culture Powers of humanity; he gets to pull most of the strings and get things done really fast. The God of this World will fulfill the divine plan of a Great Financial Reset and United Nations Agenda 21 on schedule. January of 2021 is nearing, and this great master plan has been in place for a very very very long time.

The Holy Miracles:

One would think that the producers of mainstream media news were deaf, blind and afflicted with selective amnesia. Video of Vice-President Biden bragging openly on-camera about Ukrainian pay-for-play extortion was never deemed significant enough to get any news attention. The massive income received by his son Hunter from Ukrainian Energy Firm Burisma also never raised an eye. According to Hunter’s partner, Devon Archer, young Biden received over $4 million. Treasury records confirmed 48 wire transfers. There are also claims that he failed to report an additional $400,000 income from Burisma in 2017. Whatever did surface in the mainstream news was spun like a washing-machine on spin-dry cycle til it looked squeaky clean.

The $3.5 million that Hunter received from Elena Butarina, Russian Billionaire and wife of Moscow’s Mayor, has been conveniently ignored by mainstream media.  Young Master Hunter’s China ties were likewise swept under the rug. According to the Washington Times, Hunter received $10 million per year, with an additional 10% stake going to “The Big Guy,” from a Chinese Billionaire, Ye Jianming, owner of the CEFC China Energy Co. conglomerate. Mr. Jianming has since been charged by Chinese authorities of corruption. According to mainstream News “Nothing to see here, business as usual, move on, baseless allegations, conspiracy theories. Oh, but wait, did you hear the latest big news about Trump’s baseless lies to the American People? During a press conference, Trump claimed he served a thousand hamburgers stacked a mile high! Our science consultants determined that the average hamburger is only two inches thick, and a thousand hamburgers could never reach a mile. Just goes to prove Trump and his team are liars! “

Then there is Kamala Harris’ husband, Lawyer Doug Emhoff’s partnership with an Intellectual Property and Technology practice works for DLA Piper. The China Investment Branch of DLA Piper has over 30 years legal experience in China; the same China that has been involved in Intellectual Property and Technology theft and recent espionage arrests at Harvard and other United States Ivy League Universities. With such ties to China, could there ever be any question about collusion or outright compromise? Absolutely not!

While President Trump campaigned throughout the United States to packed arenas; Joe Biden lurked in his basement. Yet, after only emerging rarely to crowds of tens, Biden was the darling of the press and a literal second-coming to television news. Who could forget Biden’s razor-sharp replies to those tough controversial questions about ice-cream?

Then there were the Miracles of Divine Revelation. The producers of mainstream media news experienced a “Fatima moment” and predicted that Joe Biden would win the election with a “Blue Wave” landslide of votes. Nostradamus himself could not have done a better job!

The God of this World sent Santa Claus and his many Elves to help Joe Biden and Kamala Harris win. Santa’s Chief Elf, Mackenzie Scott, former wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, has contributed $1 billion per month to progressive causes since July. Many of those dollars went to aid the election of Joe Biden. Another important Elf was Mark Zukerberg, filled with the spirit of giving, who invested $400 million dollars to aid in the effort to elect Joe Biden; which is approximately as much as the Federal Government spent to conduct the 2020 Nationwide Election. Not only that, but Zukerberg’s company Facebook, along with Twitter and Google demonitized and shadow-banned any news reporting that was remotely pro-Trump or anti-Biden from the internet!

Then there was the Miracle of Divine Faith and Holy Intervention on the night of the elections when the News Media proclaimed Joe Biden to be President before all votes were counted. We have yet to learn what branch of US Government CNN represents; but they quickly declared Biden to be President of the United States the night of the election, while Trump still held a significant lead. There were even calls for President Trump to clear out of the White House; after-all, why wait til January’s Inauguration?  A fancy new sparkling podium and backdrop emblazoned with “President Elect Joe Biden” magically appeared for Biden press conferences just after the election, weeks before votes were certified, and a month before Electoral College votes were cast. Biden even started contacting foreign leaders as the new President. This was a violation of the Logan Act that criminalizes citizens from negotiating with foreign powers and undermining the US Government’s position. Some might remember that Joe Biden suggested to Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton that the Logan Act might be a good tool to get rid of pesky old Donald J. Trump, and ultimately led to the fabricated charges resulting in the incarceration of General Michael Flynn.

Talk about Miracles, the Biden and Harris turn-around win defied all odds as a mathematical impossibility. The odds for Trump votes flipping in the Four Swing States of Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin was one in a quadrillion. What are the odds of flipping a coin 500 times and having it come up heads every time? Ask a poker player if they would be willing to bet on getting two royal flushes in a row. Two consecutive royal flushes would be a cake-walk with odds of only one in eleven million.

The Biden-Harris ticket even Lost 14 out of 15 Bell-Weather Counties; but still won the election. No candidate in American history ever accomplished that Miracle; but the God of this World likes Joe Biden a whole bunch.

After the Trump landslide on election night, ballots for Joe Biden appeared like Manna from Heaven. Once Republican poll watchers were sent home, ballots by the truckload arrived. Big-beautiful Biden Boxes filled with ballots cast for Joe Biden; and many of them having votes for no other political offices or measures.

Republican poll watchers complained that they were barred from access to polling stations, despite court orders by judges. Some were even arrested for doing their job. There were reports of poll watchers standing outside the polling stations while poll workers covered the windows with paper. At those polling stations that allowed poll watchers inside, they were kept so far away from the voting machines that they needed to use binoculars. There is a good reason that this was done. Santa himself arrived early in 2020, and his elves worked from early morning through the night til the next morning to count votes. Every effort was made to disguise their identities; but sometimes the pointy noses and ears were a give-away.

When pesky-old Mr. Grinch poll watchers became a nuisance, the Miracle of the Waters occurred. A dripping toilet caused the emergency closure of a State Farm Arena polling place in Atlanta Georgia. Santa’s Elves remained and were caught on surveillance video as they found ballots that magically appeared from beneath tables. They lifted a tablecloth and Shazaam, a briefcase full of beautiful Biden ballots appeared! The ballots appeared so quickly that the unknowing observer might have believed that they had always been there; but we know better. This was divine magic! The God of this World really likes Joe Biden a whole bunch.

Not only did Joe Biden get boatloads of ballots from Santa’s Elves, but a truckload of 300,000 ballots from a Republican district disappeared in a Pennsylvania parking lot. Poof; gone! And then there were the thousands of Trump votes that were simply reassigned away by voting machines and given to Biden. Trump was on Santa’s Naughty List election night!

Biden Ballots that arrived after the deadline were backdated and counted. Rules do not apply when the God of this World wants to get things done. Little issues like ballots arriving from other jurisdictions, more than one ballot cast per person, ballots cast by unregistered voters or without signature verification were Okie-Dokie.

Biden Ballots were even counted multiple times, reminiscent of  Jesus feeding the masses with bread and fishes; just not exactly. During testimony before the Michigan State Senate Committee, Dominion contract worker Melissa Carone described how the same ballots were counted 8 to 10 times for the full 27 hours she was there; and all of them were cast for Biden.

An election official in Georgia reported stacks of pristine unfolded  ballots that appeared to be exact duplicates. They were printed on paper with a texture distinctly unlike the others, and 98% were cast for Joe Biden. Additional reports from other States emerged about counterfeit ballots being counted and certified. Santa and his Elves worked hard this year. Will he even show up at Christmas?

Most significant of all was the Miracle of Raising the Dead. People rose from the grave by the tens of thousands in every State of the Union to vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris!

Not only did Televisions and Radios love Joe and Kamie; but Voting Machines loved them too! Santa has Elves in the Chinese Communist Party. Dominion voting machines were employed in 28 States, including each of the critical Swing States. Dominion’s proprietary authentication security patents were sold to China through HSCB Bank Canada in 2019. Dominion’s second largest owner since 2018 is Staple Street Investments. Staple Street Investments received  $400 million of Chinese investments for controlling shares through the Swiss Bank USB Securities just prior to the election in October of 2020. USB Securities Co Ltd is 75% owned by CCP front groups; Beijing Guonxiang, Chinese investment bank UBS, Guangdong Comm Group, China Guodian, and the COFCO Group. So it seems that Santa’s Elves in the Chinese Communist Party not only have a significant ownership stake in Dominion, but also access to their authentication security patents.

Santa’s Elves in Germany worked tirelessly at internet servers rumored to belong to the CIA to assure that Biden won by a landslide. Mr. Grinch’s Military Intelligence Soldiers confiscated the server; but not till after the necessary Biden votes were secured. This will never matter because the mainstream media put this news in the wash on spin-cycle. By the time CNN and the other alphabets are done it will be Arm & Hammer Ultra-Clean Super-Oxide Bleach Purex-Enhanced Mega-Tide Chlorinated Sea-Breeze Scented Downy-Soft and Ivory Pure Clean.

Last minute program changes to voting machines in Philadelphia from 47 USB thumb-drives? What thumb-drives? Poof; all gone. Voting Machine hard drives wiped, laptop computers missing, USB drives lost, ballots shredded, chain of custody records lost, paper trails eliminated, and all evidence destroyed. Just after allegations of election fraud surfaced, US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Chief, Chris Krebs, declared the 2020 election to be the most secure ever. The press was quick to point out that Mr. Krebs was fired by Homeland Security’s Chad Wolf by order of President Trump. Just a week later, we learned that the Federal Reserve, CIA, Pentagon, and all five branches of the Military had been hacked for the past six months under the dutiful watch of Chris Krebs. This got as much media coverage as House Intelligence Committee member, Congressman Eric (Fart-Boy) Swalwell, carrying on a lengthy affair with CCP Ministry of State Security Spy Christine Fang.

Not only did the God of this World strike news producers with deafness and blindness toward the evidence, but Judges and legislators also. Most would not even hear the evidence. It’s a Miracle!

When President Trump turned to the GOP for support, many Republican Representatives transformed magically into RINOs! Yet another miracle. If this had been Ancient Rome, they would have surrounded Trump with smiling faces and left his mangled corpse on the floor of the Senate. Et tu, Brute?

Time Magazine’s Person of the Year for 2020 was Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Barak Obama would never have been elected if it were not for the overwhelming popularity and charisma of Joe Biden. Biden allowed his little neophyte protege from Illinois to hang onto his shirtsleeves for a full eight years, and humbly sat back while Obama greedily hogged all of the limelight and glory that rightfully belonged to him. By golly, Joe Biden accomplished more during a few short months inside his basement than Trump accomplished during his entire administration. Perhaps Biden accomplished more than Jesus; which is probably why we aren’t supposed to celebrate Christmas this year. Sorry kids, Santa and his Elves have already delivered their biggest presents of all; Joe and Kamie. Merry Christmas!

Yes, the God of this World likes Joe Biden a whole bunch. Emperors, Kings, Pharaohs, Rajas, Khans, Sultans. Caliphs, Pontiffs, Patriarchs, Potentates, Tyrants, Premiers, Presidents, Dictators and all powers and wealth from the beginning of humankind’s walk on Earth bow to his will. The God of this World always gets his way; all hail Satan!


Angry Old American

3 thoughts on “The God of this World Likes Joe Biden a Bunch!”
  1. If and (hopefully) when the B-H house of cards collapses upon itself the show will truly begin. There is much water to pass under the bridge between now and 6 January. Many thought 14 December would be the end of this ‘malarkey’ but the rabbit hole only got deeper. Any hopes the B-H administration might have in terms of credibility will never materialize. If the American people thought the Trump administration was sand bagged with the Russia collusion-impeachment (bowel) movement they haven’t seen what will happen when the real “he ain’t my President” folks kick into gear. We all prefer a peaceful transfer of power but absolutely not under the shadow of blatant fraud. The civil unrest of this past summer will pale in comparison to an America denied justice. There is still time for the chosen ones to confess and accept accountability or face the wrath King George III was quite familiar with. On the graves of all who have died for this country so shall it be. (imho)

    1. Jake, I am not at all hostile to Liberals. I am a Libertarian, not a Republican. However, Democrats are not Liberal; but rather have become totalitarian Corporatist-Communists in conflict with every freedom held dear in America. The “Moderate Democrats” are decidedly Corporate-Marxist, and those who support Antifa and Black Lives Matter are Cultural Revolutionary Corporate-Maoists. The one thing that Democrats of any stripe, and our typical RINO (Republicans In Name Only) have in common, is that they are all Corporatists. The very Uber-rich Corporations that Democrats claim to loath are financing the most radical leftist causes in addition to mainstream media and the internet monopolist’s propaganda and censorship. These Corporatists also financed the most corrupt, fraudulent and compromised election in US History. Any true revolution starts with each and every one of us. We need to switch off the TV, boycott Google, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter, and stop buying the products and using services of those who betrayed the American People.
      Happy Holidays,

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