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Opinion by Samuel Strait – February 5, 2023

Kudos to the “Karens” in the governor’s office.  They have out done
themselves with their latest round of the “World is coming to an end due
to Climate Change”.  In the words of noted climatologist, just kidding,
Diana Crofts-Peleyo, Assistant Director for Crisis Communications and
Public Affairs at the California Governor’s Office of Emergency
Services,  “over the last several weeks, severe storms pummeled
communities across California, underscoring the critical need to inform
Californians about the vital resources available to them during extreme
weather events”.  She goes on to say “these storms are among the most
deadly natural disasters in the modern history of our state”.

Yet, the problem with this almost inevitable posturing in the name of
“Climate Change”, is that California has experienced storms of equal and
even more devastating impact for centuries. Nothing to see here folks. 
It is not as if the terms “atmospheric river”, or “cyclone bomb are
anything new in the terminology of the hysteric or weather for that
matter.  History can testify to the fact that California receives and
has received for hundreds of years, periodic weather events that have
matched or on some occasions exceeded what we have recently received.   
Flash flooding in the entire southwest of the United States, including
California are and continue to be a normal part of the weather.

Crofts-Peleyo goes on to regale us with “the hots are getting hotter,
and the wets are wetter.”
  None of which is true.  Recent information
acquired from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has
clearly debunked that statement and further released data that is
showing weather events are if anything milder over the past eight years
than has previously been recorded.  Similarly, satellite data has shown
a clear trend that the world’s temperature has declined by 0.11 degrees
centigrade over the last decade.   As more actual science has begun to
“weigh in” on the notion that human caused climate change is at any kind
of crisis level, the religion has developed some serious leaks.

Despite the fact that California’s Governor continues to pound the drum
of Climate hysteria, science has proven to be at odds with the
Governor.  Scientists in a wealth of disciplines other than the study of
climate have begun to chip away at any sort of consensus that human
caused climate change actually exists.  For several decades the Climate
Change religion has run rough shod over any objection to climate
variations being anything but normal.  Dozens of alternative
explanations far more based on facts continue to be ignored or censored
that offer reasons for why extreme climate change, does not in fact
exist.  Storms are not any more extreme, hurricanes more damaging or
deadly, tornadoes appearing more often, and flooding more regular or
more extreme.  Nothing of the sort appears to be happening in a world
that extremists continue to claim the world is warming.  The earth
continues to move around the sun experiencing its climate changes in a
regular variation as it has for thousands of years.  It has peaked in
its regular warm cycle and has for the past decade entered into its
cooling period.

For Californians who think that the Governor’s office has any sort of
superior knowledge about climate, they are likely to be sorely
disappointed in the coming years.  In the same vein, efforts by our
Sacramento governments to continue to peddle, what has surfaced as
pseudo science.  Californians will likely pay a steep cost in quality of
living if a rapid course correction is not made.

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