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Opinion by Samuel Strait – May 22, 2023

For nearly forty year now we have been preached by the hucksters of the
end of days.  Climate Change, the “boogie man”, set to end the human
population on Earth.  First it was temperatures would rise to make the
earth uninhabitable, then when countless deadlines came and went, the
climate would “change”.  We were still made to think that it will be
rising temperatures caused by human produced emissions.  It is just that
when it didn’t work the first time around for about twenty years, we now
are expected to believe that if you shift the narrative from “Global
Warming” to “Climate Change” that for some reason after twenty more
years of waiting for ANY, and I mean any, perceptible crisis level
change in the world’s climate, then we are expected to continue with
rash changes to our way of life.  Changes I might add, that have had
very little to do with altering materially the earth’s climate.

Electric vehicles that most can’t afford, solar panels that have no
chance of replacing fossil fuel generated electricity, wind power,
electric appliances, meat, and now agriculture in general are the
fantasy of halting emissions that have yet to emerge as the cause of
anything, let alone a significant variation of the Earth’s climate. 
People blocking traffic, gluing themselves to things, defacing works of
art have become the new test of patience by the world’s population.  At
the same time “Climate Change” has begun to loose it’s power to frighten.

After forty years of non stop preaching “Climate Change” many in the
world have had enough.  It could possibly be the desperation that the
hysterics of the religion, are now feeling, as more and more people have
turned the corner on the faith that the climate will change to such a
degree that catastrophe is at least on the horizon.  As dead line after
dead line for “there is no turning back” has receded in time and the
message keeps failing to produce any evidence that disaster is at hand,
people are finding the effort to listen to myth of “Climate Change”
exhausting.  As the climate “crazies” make life more difficult for
ordinary people, the crazies become just that.  The message gets lost in
the growing list of inconveniences that the world’s population already
endures in the name of a non existent crisis.

Following a badly handled pandemic, an explosion in opioid deaths,
illegal immigration, homelessness, rising crime, and a rapid increase in
inflation, people in this Country do not need another burden that is for
all purposes undetectable.  The average person is hardly likely to
notice, even if it were true, a one and a half rise in daily temperate. 
They are unlikely to notice any thing related to change in frequency of
storms, drought, or warm summer days.  The idea that the “climate” has
changed to any significant degree over the past forty years is only in
the lexicon of the hysterical.  In the seventies it was “global cooling”
that was used to create changes in life style, then barely twenty five
years later the fear mongers have returned with a new mechanism to
exercise control over populations world wide.

The recent effort to memorialize “Climate Change” as a mechanism to
control human activity has begun to find growing resistance to the
message of “crisis” particularly in the European Union where the
hucksters and charlatans have over stepped what is considered rational
behavior, particularly by “adults”.   Loss of supplies of fossil fuels
that have driven the economies of Western Europe for centuries and given
rise to a comfortable standard of living, have given notice to a broad
spectrum of European citizens that the indiscernible change in climate
does not measure up to the inconvenience of a declining life style. 
Once “Climate hysterics” began to talk about changes to food supply, the
resistance to going green has intensified.  While the lag between US
policy and the EU climate policies is slight, the crazies have surfaced
in growing numbers and the effort to tinker with food production by the
Federal Government along with them.

Fear of “Climate Change” is easy to promote as long as climate
cooperates.  People can be made to follow along with the most irrational
proposals as the recent reaction to the pandemic has revealed.  As the
climate has failed to cooperate with “Climate Change” for nearly forty
years now and irrational “solutions” to fix it have proven time and
again to be fruitless.  Might it be possible that there is nothing to
fix?  Is climate change to be concerned about?

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