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By Guest Columnist, Michael Ceremello – October 11 2018 –

I don’t want to waste your time or mine in rehashing the latest distraction put on courtesy of the Neo-Leftist Democrat party.  Suffice it to say, if not one, and I mean NOT ONE of the women filing false allegations against Brett Kavanaugh (there were three of them) could not produce even one person to back up their stories including their own best friend, this is a mass demonstration of the lunacy of those who blindly hate and are willing to do anything just to have their own way.

I will not go as far as others have in saying that they are credible or that any act even occurred.  There is no proof.  If it did happen, perhaps it happened in their minds.  Wishful thinking in an attempt to keep an originalist and conservative off of the top court.  Frankly, Kagan, Sotomayor, and Ginsberg are the ones who never should have been appointed not because they are liberal but because they want to pervert the law by rewriting it from the bench.  That law is the Constitution.

I have to wonder while reading the liberal media, do they ever think about what they are writing?  Impeachment of a president before he has even done anything as president, impeachment of a Supreme Court justice before he has seen a case, and impeachment of Clarence Thomas on what basis?  Even if you take the House, impeachment is a hollow victory for the spoiled brat liberal elite as it takes 67 votes in the Senate to remove any of these individuals from office.

What we are seeing unfold before us is the true demon Demoncrat.  They are not Democrats such as John F. Kennedy or Harry Truman.  These are the Woodrow Wilsons and Franklin Delano Roosevelts on steroids.  Maxine Waters and Hillary Clinton are two shrews advocating uncivil behavior.  Nancy Pelosi would have all university graduates be “disruptors”.  Portland, Oregon is seeing liberalism on display as their mayor tells the police to stand down as Antifa or Black Lives Matter thugs take over street traffic and vandalize elderly who are driving down that street.

I listened to Michael Savage who detailed Christine Blasey Ford’s CIA entanglements.  Can you say “Deep State?” As much as I would like to throw some of the blame for this bad behavior at the feet of feckless Republicans, it is the leftovers from the Obama “destroy America” regime which continue to fight Barry’s good fight.  This is a deep plot against a duly elected President and the citizens and voters of America who elected him.

It would seem to me that we have two ways to go.  One, we who believe in the Rule of Law take the precedents being established by those who can’t get their way and use it as they do.  California is a good example of it.  In Republican or conservative stronghold States, it should be only the top two vote getters on the ballot thereby destroying any true choice.  When Republicans lose, we should turn violent.  Doesn’t sound like much of a solution does it?  So how is it that those on the Left are allowed to get away with this stuff?

The second avenue is to remove the anti-America un-Americans from government whenever and wherever they are found.  Do it at the ballot box.  Drain the Swamp.  Decrease the size of government.  Take power from the perverts.

Most of all, we as a people need to come to grips with reality.  The obviousness of the “hate White, heterosexual, Christian male” is as obvious as a Southern Democrat’s hatred of blacks and Catholics either in or out of the adornment of the Left’s military arm knows as the KKK.

We have whacked out women on college campuses saying that white men should be castrated and fed to swine.  Hollywood and their substance abusing cadre of kooks also stoke the fire.  You want to see hate and divisiveness?  It isn’t coming from the right, any conservative, or Republican.

Lindsey Graham did a marvelous job in expressing a key point on bipartisanship.  He voted, (stupidly), for Kagan and Sotomayor.  Thank God John McCain is gone and no longer influencing Graham.

Perhaps people such as Graham on the national stage are finally starting to “get it”.  The Left has a long term goal and won’t veer from it.  It is time for conservatives to take their example and say “Hell No … you can’t remake America in your craven image”.

Stand up for what is right … Even if you are standing alone …

4 thoughts on “The Kurious Kase of Kavanaugh”
  1. I believe that it is conceivable in the 80’s that Brett could have flashed his wiener while at a university party…big deal, it was the 80’s and we did stupid stuff in those days all for laughs..streaking and mooning were common practice in the mid to late 70’s…I also believe that there is a possibility Brett may have jumped on top of Ms. Ford…HOWEVER…IN MY EYES THAT IS NOT RAPE….she does not describe any penetration of any sort.. certainly once she turned of age she would have mentioned something to someone before the year of 2012….and the girl who stated Brett and his buddy watched her get gang rape…now that was the bottom of the barrel…I did not believe any of that allegation…in the end, Kavanaugh was confirmed, tension runs high throughout our nation between men and women to the point a 9 year old boy is wrongfully accused of groping a woman in Walmart or whatever the store was. Thankfully in this case there were camera’s to prove his innocence…in the meantime he has learned a lesson in life…not to trust women.

  2. Michael, there will always be conspiracy theorists to try to sway people! You do not live here, but we are all citizens. This is the only country where justices are appointed for life. Some have other feelings and your jibber jabber don’t affect us or change our minds. It is what it is and hope it doesn’t change !

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