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By Lila Rose, president and founder of Live Action – August 17, 2017 –

Lila Rose has this to say about:

  • Oregon’s passage this week of the Reproductive Health Equity Act, which forces health insurers and taxpayers to provide free abortions through all nine months of pregnancy for all Oregonians, including illegal immigrants.
  • Iceland’s “eradicating” of Down syndrome by killing nearly every preborn child diagnosed with the disorder.

Statement on the new Oregon “abortions for all” law:

“This act of abortion extremism makes Oregon the first state to force taxpayers to fund abortions through all nine months of pregnancy, for any reason, including sex-selection abortions.

“Oregon’s new law will not only ensure more abortions by giving them away for free, but it forces every taxpayer to be complicit in this human rights abuse.

“Planned Parenthood helped write this bill and is set to reap the financial windfall from it. Planned Parenthood depends on abortion revenue to stay in business, which makes this law a gold mine for it: free abortions for all that the state and insurance companies pay it to commit.

“Politicians continue to blatantly ignore science and reason that there’s a unique, individual human life in the womb that deserves protection. Apparently, pretending there’s not a child involved makes it easier for Oregon Democrats to put Planned Parenthood’s finances ahead of the lives of the innocent children it kills.”

Statement on Iceland’s genocide of preborn children with Down syndrome:

“Some are celebrating Iceland as having ‘eradicated’ Down syndrome. But let’s be clear: this isn’t eradicating this disorder. This is no medical breakthrough. This is genocide. Down syndrome still exists. They are just killing all the preborn children who have it.

“This lethal discrimination against children with disabilities is prevalent across Europe, with 90 percent of babies in Britain diagnosed with Down syndrome killed before birth and with Denmark expected to be ‘Down syndrome-free’ by 2030. The United States is not far behind, where the vast majority of babies diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted.

“What message does this send to anyone alive today with a disability? ‘If we could have, we would have killed you when we had the chance, because we judged that your life wasn’t worth living’?

“Most people with Down syndrome can live full, healthy lives. But even if they couldn’t, killing an innocent child is never right. It’s always a violation of their fundamental and first human right – life. Children with Down syndrome deserve to be loved, protected, and celebrated – not eliminated.”


4 thoughts on “The latest on abortions: Oregon & Finland”
  1. Shaking babies is way worse than abortion. That is what the doctor told me and my wife. We just have pets now.

  2. If we just allow it, only democrats will utilize it and they will drive themselves extinct like Iceland is trying to do to their d.s. kids. Then we can take back the big cities bring the rodeo, carhops, and square dancing back. If we make the hometown buffets and country kitchens everywhere our headquarters, we can meet there before the liberals wake each morning and plan and mount our takeover,- once they have dwindled their numbers naturally through robust abortion practices. Lets plan a plethora of abortion clinics in liberal neighborhoods, they will think they have won, they should be ware of their dreams of an ocean of dead fetus tissue. SOL (sobbing out loud)

  3. WHAT I don’t get is how you can murder a full term baby without any consequence…if someone stabs a woman who is pregnant and kills the baby as well as the mother it is a double homicide? How is it not considered homicide in the 9th month…Democrats are demons…they protect animals but not human life…

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