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Commentary By Samuel Strait – July 15, 2022

Some of us have heard about the woes of Sri Lanka, a country that does
not have the wealth of many Western Nations, yet has tried to emulate
the Cult of the Western World’s obsession with “Climate Change”.  By no
means is it a given that the world experiencing the modest effects of
cyclical climate variation is in any danger of self destruction from the
unexceptional rise of CO2, Methane, or even Nitrogen in the earth’s
atmosphere.  Yet the Climate hysterics would have you believing in their
particular religion that our demise is a mere year and a half away.  At
least that is the latest and closest climate cliff we have yet to plunge
over for the full effect of our end of times.

In the mean time in Sri Lanka, governing policies in an effort to
conform to Climate Change has had an even more immediate and devastating
effect on the Country well before any Climate deadline is set to
appear.  The Country has literally collapsed in the face of prolonged
Climate Change policies that have wrecked its economy causing massive
energy shortages and the destruction of the ability to feed its
population.  Fortunately for Western Countries who have chosen similar
paths, their relative wealth has sheltered them from the full force of
the Climate Change policies on their economies, at least those that
adhered to them until recently.

Germany, the Netherlands, France, and the UK have all been forced to
back track on their respective “Climate” goals in the face of the
reduced ability to have “green energy” pick up the slack created by the
loss of fossil fuel resources.  As the cost of replacing fossil fuels
with costly and intermittent “green energy”, coupled with shortages
appearing in efforts to revert back to fossil fuels, massive inflation
has reared its ugly head. It is not as if this is a “new” experience
that the world is having, as it has occurred a number of times before.

In this particular case, here in the United States, the cause for all
this misery can be directly placed in the hands of the current Biden
Administration.  When energy costs go up, so does inflation.  As the
current Democratic policies in Washington fail to learn this fundamental
lesson, and they clearly haven’t, there is a price to be had.  “Clean
Energy” is most certainly a worth while objective, yet the constraints
of technology have a debilitating effect on the merits of “green energy”
until those constraints can be overcome.  When the Progressive Left
treat “green energy” as some sort of religious experience, waving away
the obvious pitfalls of that experience, rising energy prices,
inflation, and all manner of negative outcomes ensue.  At that point the
political fall out will become apocalyptic, and Democrats are likely to
feel the wrath of the population in this Country in November.

The rich in this Country will be able to shield themselves from the
worst of the coming disaster, not so the less fortunate.  Just as in Sri
Lanka the current government felt the weight of popular outrage not only
from the poor, but all levels of their society. One hopes that the
current Administration changes course before that time comes, but that
course correction does not appear to be in the offing.  This irrational
adherence to the radical policies of Climate Change without a reliable
alternative form of energy is asking for trouble.  There is no “magic”
path to utopia from changing to solar panels and wind power from fossil
fuels, and the intransigent behavior by the progressive Left gives one
little hope that an alternative clean energy source will see the light
of day before the current efforts towards clean energy continue to
founder on the rocks of technology not in existence.

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